8 games on iOS and Android, in which you can easily forget about reality

For several years in a row, mobile games have occupied more than half of the entire gaming market. And this is not surprising with the growing number of active devices and mobile releases of computer games (let’s recall Fortnite), and with the advent of services such as Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, this trend will only gain momentum.

Personally, I prefer the passing of games on the PlayStation 4 sofa and until recently I did not have a single game on my smartphone. However, when the books and music on the road began to bother, I decided to learn how to entertain myself from the assortment of Google Play and the App Store. Now I’m sharing some of the most interesting findings with you – in most cases you will have to pay for their shock.

Banner Saga is a tactical role-playing game in which your hero will have to leave his home and go on a desperate campaign to save his people. You will lead the caravan to amazing places, fight against hostile clans and cruel warriors. To survive in a harsh world, you will have to build relationships with other characters and clans, as well as make important decisions on which the future of your team depends.

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The game has more than 25 characters, each of which has unique skills and development options. Any decision you make along the way, in conversation or in battle will have a significant impact on the further development of the unique story and its ending.

Fortnite (iOS and Android)

Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon that has led the way in popularizing the new genre of games, which users have nicknamed "Battle Royale." To understand the process of the game, it’s enough to spend only a couple of hours in it, because the gameplay is incredibly simple: jump with a parachute into the selected part of the map, pick up the necessary weapons and ammunition, build defenses and get to the end of the fight, and then remain the only survivor.

The mobile version of Fortnite is no different from the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. Familiar gameplay, the same map, content and weekly updates. Also do not forget about creating a detachment with friends, wherever they are – in the same room with you or on the other side of the world.

Journey (379₽ on iOS)

At the time of release for the PlayStation 3, the game won several BAFTA nominations, and was also nominated for a Grammy for visual and musical components.

In Journey you have to go on a journey to a very high mountain, the road to which there is only one – an endless desert. On your way you will meet other players, but there are no ways to interact with them: this is a meditative and dumb adventure. Fly over the sand, glide among the ruins and discover the secrets of the ancient and mysterious world.

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Life Is Strange (iOS and Android)

The industry-leading episodic adventure of Dontnod and Square Enix originally appeared on consoles and PCs, and more recently has become available on mobile devices.

Life Is Strange is a story about friendship and the attempt of the main character Max to find her place in a cruel world. Gameplay with a third-person view is based on interactive cinema. Any dialogs, like other games of this genre, have several answer options, but the key feature of the game is the ability to turn back the clock, allowing you to either choose the correct answer or open previously unavailable. Also in the game there are elements of the quest: small puzzles tied to the use of paranormal ability to reach a certain place or to obtain an object.

Monument Valley (299₽ on iOS (379 rub second part) and 249 rub on Android (second part for 379 rub)

The casual puzzle game has a unique and stunning artistic style inspired by the Dutch graphic artist Mauritz Cornelis Escher.

8 games on iOS and Android, in which you can easily forget about reality

Monument Valley is a surreal exploration of fantastic architecture and incredible geometry. Take the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments, revealing hidden paths and discovering optical illusions that directly affect the gameplay: try twisting the location and notice how new passages through it appeared.

Pocket City (229₽ on Android and iOS)

Pocket City is most easily described as a mobile version of SimCity 2000: with the same basic power and water supply system, as well as residential, commercial and industrial zones of the city’s device. In addition, you will have the opportunity to control crime in the city, adjust traffic, fight pollution, develop education and so on. A city can be so large that it can easily take several years to develop.

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Reigns: Her Majesty ($ 22 for iOS and $ 249 for Android)

This strategy borrows the Tinder interface and principle, which allows you to swipe left or right cards of decisions or responses to requests from your subjects. Any choice affects various aspects of your kingdom: finances, church, social feelings and military politics. If the score on any of these topics becomes too low or too high, they kill you (usually brutally) and rule the kingdom starts from scratch.

At first, it may seem that everything is very simple, but actions do not always happen as you expect, and a rash decision can instantly destroy the original strategy. On average, a full-fledged game party will take up to 20 minutes.

The Witness (749₽ on iOS)

You forgot who you are and how you got to the island, so there is only one thing left: to explore the area – suddenly there is something here that will help to regain your memory and find your way home.

Throughout the story, you have to solve hundreds of puzzles scattered throughout the island. The developers of the project thoughtfully thought out all the details – and in general the game is not like any other puzzles that you played before. In total, the game features about 650 problems and labyrinths, but to complete the main plot it is not necessary to solve all of them.

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