A washing machine for bachelors, a “cook inside” an oven and a refrigerator-transformer: where household appliances are moving in 2019

Italians are confident that it’s more convenient to configure any modern technology (or monitor its wear) from a smartphone, so all new Candy models can connect to mobile devices. And now, engineers have come up with a solution for everyone who, in horror, “hangs” in front of a pile of laundry and thinks what to do with it and how to wash it.

First, take a picture and put it on Instagram to send the former to upload to the simply-Fi application, which will tell you the fastest and most effective washing program, depending on the type, color and volume of the laundry in the photo.

A washing machine for bachelors, a “cook inside” an oven and a transformer refrigerator where it goes

Important: the photo must be taken against the background of the washing machine, so that the volume is determined correctly. The function is called “SnapWash” (“Take and Erase”). Although funny and useful, it’s not the main advantage of Rapid’O washing machines, which today have the most universal set of fast washing programs among all washing machines (9 programs with washing times of up to one hour, including a 14-minute a cycle and a program that provides class A washing in 59 minutes.This is convenient for most users who do not want to not use long high-temperature programs and want to get clean linen without a lot of time. And in Rapid’O tumble dryers, by the way, There are 7 quick drying programs with which you can carefully dry not only clothes (even wool), but also shoes, because they have a heat pump for low-temperature drying.

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