Any iPhone will be able to return to iOS 10

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Last week, information appeared on the Internet that thanks to the efforts of one hacker, any iPhone would soon roll back to older versions of iOS. Many users are very interested in this feature, so the hype around this topic has risen great. As things are really with checkm8 exploits, which, according to the latest data, will allow us to safely return to the good old versions of iOS. Understood in this article.

Any iPhone will be able to return to iOS 10

What is checkm8?

checkm8 – a new exploit (hacking tools) that exploits a vulnerability in the iOS Bootrom (SecureROM) operating system startup system to gain administrator privileges. The main feature of checkm8 is the exploitation of the vulnerability at the stage of loading the operating system. This means that Apple will not be able to fix this vulnerability with an iOS update, at least in theory.

Such vulnerabilities are a real rarity.. The last time a “hole” in Bootrom was discovered in 2010. Then the hackers managed to crack the iPhone 4 at the stage of loading the operating system. After that, all successful iOS hacks were based on vulnerabilities in the operating system.

Is it already possible to hack the iPhone and roll back to iOS 10 or iOS 9?

The vulnerability was found by a hacker under the nickname axi0mX. He created an exploit and shared his open source code with the public.

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Important! Hackers did not develop a utility for hacking the iPhone. Currently it does not exist. Keep this in mind, as there are many scammers on the Internet who offer to download malware under the guise of “the latest iPhone hacking utility.”

The hacker provided the second participants of the jailbreak scene with an open exploit code. Another well-known hacker in the community, Pwn20wnd, said on his twitter that he was interested in the development and “maybe” will begin work on a utility for Rollback any iPhone to previous versions of iOS.

Note that Pwn20wnd wrote "maybe." To date the developer did NOT confirm the fact of the beginning of work on such a utility. A hacker can really do this. It was he who developed the unc0ver utility for jailbreaking the iOS 11 and iOS 12 operating systems.

Which iPhones can be hacked?

According to axi0mX, the discovered exploit can be used on all iPhones with Apple A5 processors in Apple A11. If a hacking utility is created, then it can be used on all smartphones from iPhone 4s to iPhone 8 / X.

Apple won’t sit back

Many users were glad that the possibility of iPhone rollback to previous versions of iOS loomed on the horizon. However, it should be understood that Apple will not just sit and watch the situation develop.

Vulnerability in Bootrom is truly critical. It poses a real threat to iPhone users, since in theory it can be used to steal any data.

Apple will definitely try to find a way to fix the vulnerability. So far, the company has NOT commented on the situation.

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Check checkm8 exploits for hacking the iPhone with the subsequent possibility of rolling back to previous versions of iOS exist.

✅ If a hacking utility is developed, then using it you can jailbreak all the models from iPhone 4s to iPhone X.

❌ No hacking tool has been created at the moment.

❌ None of the leading hackers has NOT confirmed the start of work on a public utility for hacking the iPhone with the introduction of the checkm8 vulnerability. Well-known hacker Pwn20wnd wrote "maybe."

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