App For Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Applications for Mi Band 3 are necessary for the correct functioning of the fitness gadget. Without them, the bracelet does not have wide functionality. So, there will be no schedules for sleep, you can not record the number of steps taken or calories burned for the required period of time.

The full list of utilities for working with the device is discussed below.

App for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Bracelet

Mi Fit is the official app for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 from developers. It is used by a larger number of device users. Its main functions: receiving data from the device, setting the training mode.

The firmware is installed automatically. There is also a modification of Mi Fit – Mi Fit mod Lolex. This is an improved version of the standard application. Its features are:

  • date display in Russian;
  • integration with social. networks, including Russian;
  • individual images for the background menu;
  • lack of advertising banners;
  • display the name of the contact for an incoming call.

Mi Band 3 writes “Open the application” – what to do

With the release of the 3rd generation device from Xiaomi, users began to encounter errors. What to do if one of them writes “Open the app” (Open the app). The screen is lit at the same time, and the gadget itself does not respond to touch or to the connection to the charger. Sharing data also does not solve this problem.

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This error is incompatibility of the current firmware version and the Mi Fit application. This means that when updating the version, the resources were not installed. To solve this problem is simple – just update them manually. The failure will be fixed.

Consider several ways to solve the problem. If after 1 method the error persists, proceed to the next.

  1. Installing resources through the application In order not to cause another conflict, you need to carefully verify the compatibility of the font and the installed resource. Before starting the installation, you need to check the gadget’s charge level: it must be at least 30%. Installation requires:
    • find the firmware file with the extension Run it through ES Explorer. In the new window, click "Open with Gadgetbridge";
    • click "confirm" and wait for the installation to complete;
    • Install compatible fonts and resources
    • use the device.
    • For Iphone users, Amaztools and Mi heart rate have been developed. To install Amaztools you need:
      • Download firmware with the fw extension to your mobile phone;
      • synchronize the application with the bracelet;
      • select and install the firmware file;
      • after installation is complete, the problem should be fixed.
      • If the method did not work, use the Mi heart app. To do this:
        • install the application by paying for a subscription to the paid PRO version (75 rubles);
        • Download the previous firmware version and required resources;
        • reflash the fitness tracker using the software installation option in Mi Heart;
        • open Mi Fit. The device should update and earn.

        App for Mi Band 3 on iPhone

        IOS users have a bit of a mi band 3 program. These are just 3 apps on iPhone: Mi fit, Mi heart rate, Mi Band master.

        1. Mi fit. Official utility from the manufacturer of xiaomi. The functionality includes: standard interface, small functionality. Great for both the first setup of the bracelet, and for subsequent operation.
        2. Mi heart rate. A new application that allows you to not only enter the device settings, but also install the desired language on it. You can choose Russian, English, Spanish and many other languages. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting a fee of $ 3 for installing a translation.
        3. Mi band master is under approval and will be approved soon. The developers have notified that the utility will only be paid, however, it is quite possible to pay a cost of $ 2 for wide functionality.
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        App for Mi Band 3 on Android

        App For Xiaomi Mi Band 3

        Android applications have been developed much more. It is worth noting the best programs that android works with:

        • Notify and fitness. The program has wide functionality. The screen displays information about the number of steps taken, weather, sleep dynamics, calories burned and weight loss schedule. The PRO version comes with Training mode. Among the useful options: direct synchronization with a fitness device, the appointment of any images to receive notifications, colorful graphics.
        • Tools and Mi band. Here it is allowed to configure notifications about calls or sms individually. It works without conflict with the official Mi Fit program.
        • Mi bandage. Another functional software for users of smart watches and gangs. You can set notifications. It is also recommended to switch music or start a timer using the specified touch pattern.

        Best apps for Mi Band 3

        Func Button is one of the best apps for the fitness tracker. With it, you can configure actions to switch music using a single or double tap. It has minimal functionality, but maximum benefit.

        Amazfit Selfie – a program that allows you to take pictures by pressing a button on the gadget. For the correct functioning of the application, you need to install the program on your smartphone.

        Among the applications installed on the smartphone, it can be noted:

        1. Smart Alarm. A smart alarm is not set by default in the fitness bracelet. Using a special application, you can track si phases and view sleep schedules. Correct operation requires synchronization with the telephone.
        2. Hunt Mi Band. The program on the smartphone to search for the device indoors. To work correctly, you need to activate the visibility on the bracelet.
        3. Music Control. Utility for managing tracks. In the Pro version, the camera control option is available. The interface is convenient, parameters are set in a few minutes. The smartphone connects to the gadget at the Mac address.

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