Apple has ported iOS 13.1 and iPadOS

On September 19, iOS 13 was released, and on September 30, Apple planned to release another update – iOS 13.1. It is already undergoing testing, so far four beta builds have been released.

Apple is in a hurry with the release of iOS 13.1, so the update release date was shifted to September 24, as reported on the company’s website. IPadOS release will take place on the same day.

Apple has ported iOS 13.1 and iPadOS

The rush is understandable. The fact is that iOS 13 contains a serious security bug: using a FaceTime call and a command given by Siri, you can bypass password or biometric protection and gain access to the contact list and detailed information about all contacts. In beta versions of iOS 13.1, this vulnerability has been fixed.

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