Apple is trying to register the Slofie trademark

Slofie (Apple). the name of Apple for slow-motion clips that are shot on the front camera. This feature debuted on this year’s iPhone models. The iPhone 11 selfie camera records video at a speed of 120 frames per second, which is necessary for a smooth effect in slow motion playback. The results are quite decent, but I’m not sure that slowfights will turn into a phenomenon similar to animoji.

Apple is trying to register the Slofie trademark

In addition, it is in the interest of the Cupertinians to hinder the creation of applications for slowphy, as this feature should be exclusive to new iPhone. Despite this, Apple in this year’s smartphone cameras doesn’t have a mode with a name like that, it’s simply called “slo-mo”, and the term slofie refers exclusively to received videos, not to the application or mode to create them.

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