A full-fledged technology that allows you to work and relax, controlling various processes on the computer with the help of a glance, can become indispensable for many people. It can be used, for example, by paralyzed people who are physically deprived of the opportunity to interact with a computer in another way. The technology will surely be appreciated by gamers, children and a variety of specialists, whom development will help to cope with their daily responsibilities. Despite the fact that similar developments already exist, they are all infinitely far from perfect, but engineers continue to think in this direction, so from time to time, albeit on paper so far, new ideas appear, some of which look pretty promising.

One of the key developers mentioned in the document was Walter Nistiko, Technical Director of Computer Vision and Deep Learning at Apple. Previously, he worked in the engineering department of SensoMotoric Instruments, which Apple acquired back in 2017.

Apple patented eye control system

The principle of operation of the device.

Apple has previously filed a patent for gaze tracking technology with augmented reality glasses, but the new application describes something completely different, and the glasses have nothing to do with it.

The patent describes a device connected to a computer that can track a person’s gaze, and then project it in real time onto a screen, pointing to the place where the user is looking with a target indicator. Thus, it would be possible to browse web pages, navigate computer folders, launch certain files and do much more, for example, read our telegram channel.

The document also provides options for using the device: it can be paired with a TV, computer or tablet, games, used in video conferencing and even in operating rooms.

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Apple patented eye control system

Detailed algorithm of work.

As for games, with such a device, joint entertainment can be greatly transformed. Yes, the technology described by the developers implies the ability to track and hold the gaze of one or more people who can then play checkers, chess, or, for example, cards with each other.

Sitting in front of a TV equipped with such a system, the user will be able to change the image settings, adjust the volume and switch channels without committing absolutely no visible actions. At the same time, several viewers will be able to adjust some of the settings themselves.

Unfortunately, the presence of a registered patent does not mean at all that the company will definitely be engaged in such development in the future. Also, we have no information about for which company products this development could be created. Mac, Apple TV or something else? In any case, there is enough room for imagination, because SensoMotoric Instruments was bought back in 2017, but what she did after starting work at Apple is also unknown.

It is worth noting that now Apple has something similar. On iPhone and iPad with support for Face ID, a similar control system has been implemented for a long time, but you just can’t name it universal and compatible with other devices.

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