Does the iPhone 11 Pro have reverse charging? IFixit experts checked

IFixit has streamed the disassembly process for the iPhone 11 Pro on YouTube. One of the main questions that worried experts: is this device has reverse wireless charging that allows you to power headphones and smart watches from a smartphone.

Well-known analyst Ming Chi Kuo predicted that this type of charging will not be available for new iPhone models this year, and journalist Sonny Dixon claims that she still has it, but is disabled at the software level.

Inside the iPhone 11 Pro, an additional charging connector was found, which was not the case with previous models. After disconnecting it, the smartphone was charging through the Lightning port, but the wireless charging stopped working. Apparently, this connector is directly connected to an inductor that emits magnetic energy, and this design is quite used for reverse wireless charging. There is no conclusive evidence that such charging was implemented in the iPhone 11 Pro, but its presence is likely – not only in theory and at the level of speculation, but now also from a technical point of view.

Does the iPhone 11 Pro have reverse charging? IFixit experts checked

Soon, iFixit specialists will conduct a more thorough disassembly of the iPhone 11 Pro and carefully examine all the components of this device. Then find out additional details about the filling – for example, the amount of RAM and battery capacity.

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