Forgot The Password From The Android Phone, What To Do

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What to do if I forgot the password for the Android phone, I will give 5 ways to unlock it especially for the forgetful.

1. How to unlock Android Bluetooth device

In all modern smartphones, probably starting with version 5.0 there is such a built-in cool ability to unlock a Bluetooth device.

Provided that this function is active and pre-configured for such cases, you can easily remove the block. Unlocking occurs by pairing the two devices via Bluetooth of your phone and another, with which the problem will be solved.

Everything is set up very simply. I will show by the example of my Xiomi that yours may differ slightly, but the principle itself is unchanged.

Open Settings.
Turn on Bluetooth on both your device and the backup.
Pair between them.
Under System and device, select Lock screen and fingerprint.

In the next window, go to Advanced Settings.

Select Unlock Bluetooth device.

Activate the Unlock screen item.

You will need to enter a valid password.

Set the function.

The minus of this method is this, if you do not have Bluetooth turned on constantly, which, as you know, puts the battery down quite strongly, you can’t do anything.

2. How to unlock smart using a Google account

I must say right away that if your version of Android is higher than 5.0 on your phone, then it may not work, but it’s still worth a try.

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1. Your gadget must be connected to the mobile Internet or Wi-Fi.

2. We check the possibility of applying this method on your smartphone. To do this, we enter a deliberately incorrect password five times if the message Forgot your password or something like that doesn’t appear on the screen, then go to the next method.

3. If the inscription appears, then go through it to the form of login data from your Google account and then must freely enter the locked phone.

4. Next, specify the new password, try not to forget it in the future.

5. But if you forgot the login form data from Google, then you are generally “beautiful”! But there is a way out, there is a special Support for Google Accounts for the forgetful. Be sure to read the article on how to create a strong password and not forget it.

3. Help from smartphone developers

All manufacturers of gadgets have their own services where there is information about the device about its updates, work and much more, including the ability to unlock.

Of course, of course, your account with data about the phone should be registered in your name there. The address of the service can be found in the manual for the smartphone or on the Internet by asking the appropriate request in the search.

4. Root rights will help to remove the password from Android if it is forgotten

For the phones of owners of Root rights (Superuser) there is a method, possibly the most correct. With the help of special programs for rooted smartphones, one of the well-known is sms Bypass.

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The principle of its work is that you just need to send SMS to a locked smartphone from any device with the text 1234 reset.

After receiving SMS, your phone will automatically reboot, and you can enter it using any password.

5. Reset Android to factory settings

If the above options could not help you unlock the phone, then you have to resort to radical measures, namely to make a Hard Reset (hard reset with the deletion of all user data).

Using the power button, turn off the smartphone, remove the Sim card also if there is a memory card so that your files and contact numbers are not destroyed.

Enter the Rekavery menu. For this, the buttons for increasing, decreasing the volume with the combination of the On (power) or Home buttons are usually used when the smartphone is turned off. For each brand, there are different options, although only a few can be found on the Internet specifically for your model.

For models Xiomi will help reset Android settings such an option:

Hold the power up button.
Release the On button. after the “Mi” logo appears, do not release the volume until you see the recovery mode menu.
Click on the Recovery section after select Wipe data / factory reset or factory reset.

After a couple of minutes, the smart will return to its original state, which was at the time of purchase.

All passwords will be reset. Login problem will be solved. All that remains is to reconfigure your user settings.

Before proceeding with the reset, be sure to charge the gadget at least 50%!

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You can still find many more ways on the network if you forgot your Android phone password, but some are already outdated or for other reasons do not work. Naturally, you can look for another working method, which I did not write about because I do not know about it.

The main thing is to be aware that if you forget the Android lock password you will have troubles, possibly big ones, take this very seriously.

Do not rely on your memory to write down the input data on a piece of paper or it is better to create a special notebook for these purposes.

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