Hide, fools! Aibo dog robots grow wiser and self-learn (video)

They are actually cute.

An exhibition “M. Video Electronics Show” is taking place right now. The event presented various technological innovations. For example, there is a stand with Aibo dogs, which have recently become much smarter and more interesting.

Hide, fools! Aibo dog robots grow wiser and self-learn (video)

The dog, as before, understands the mood of the owner, analyzing the intonation of his voice. He knows the team, can be trained and knows how to play. A person can decide whether he wants to deal with a puppy or an adult and an established pet. The puppy will have to be raised, and punished for disobedience otherwise, when he grows up, he will be too masterful.

Aibo is immortal, but before all its “digital soul" was in a special memory card. If something happened to the latter, then the dog "died". The updated Aibo is constantly connected to the Internet, and its consciousness is stored in the cloud. That is, here, as with an iPhone, you lost the old one, you can easily transfer all the data to a new one. In addition, thanks to the Internet connection, the dog can learn.

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