How Can I Remove The Password From My Phone?

Hello. Today, almost every person has a smartphone on which important data can be stored. So that no one outsider can view personal information, the owners have to turn on the lock. But people tend to forget, so they often ask me how to remove the password from the phone? In this article, we will consider the most effective methods – from simple to more complex.

Use Google credentials

The very first option you should try to remove a forgotten password. If your device is connected to the Internet, you can specify the wrong code five times, after which you will be prompted to recover using the email address (Google account) and password to it. To do this, click on the inscription: "Forgot the key?"

If everything is entered correctly, then access will be unlocked. But it may happen that you do not remember the code from the "account". In this case, you will have to restore it on this page.

Reset to factory settings

If you forget your password, you can try a simple but radical method. Do you have many applications installed on the internal drive? Added many accounts from clients of social networks? Countless SMS messages stored? Alas, after applying this method, all this data will be deleted. But the information on the memory card will remain untouched.

If you are ready to do this, then go to the Android settings and select "Restore and reset."

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Inside the menu at the very bottom will be the element "Reset …". We click on it and confirm our intentions:

A system restart will follow, during which you will return to the default settings. After downloading (it will take longer than usual), the phone lock password is deactivated. But you have to re-add all the accounts, install the software.

Device firmware

An option for advanced users who are willing to take responsibility for unpredictable results. True, it all depends on the model of smartphone. For some, there are ready-made instructions and verified files for flashing. Ideally, use only official OS images, not modified ones.

If you are new to this issue, it is best to seek help from specialists. I recall that out of inexperience I decided to change the firmware myself. And somehow it happened that I “killed” the system board and gave a little less money for repairs than the gadget itself cost.

Delete files storing key data

From the Android phone, you can remove the lock of the graphic key or password by deleting the gesture.key and password.key elements, respectively. Want to know how to do this?

Alas, the following steps are relevant only for owners of devices with root and Custom Recovery. Otherwise, Android will not allow you to “destroy” the above files.

Obviously, you will not succeed in starting the manager to search for the necessary components, since the screen is locked. Have to go a longer way:

  • Download the Aroma app to your computer. It will be in the archive. Do not unpack it!
  • Now connect your smart (tablet) to the PC and copy the archive to any location (just do not forget where).
  • Turn off the phone.
  • Use one of the combinations to start in Recovery mode: “volume and power button”, “volume- and power button” or “volume power home”. The choice of keyboard shortcuts depends on the gadget model.
  • Using the volume controls (up, down), scroll through the menu and select “Install zip”:
  • Now you need to specify the first option from the list – "Choose from sdcard":
  • Find the previously downloaded archive:
  • The Aroma GUI file manager launches. Should go to folder data / system and inside it delete the following elements:
  • password.key
  • gesture.key
  • locksettings.db
  • locksettings.db-shm
  • locksettings.db-wal
  • It remains only to reboot to permanently unlock the phone.
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I talked about the most effective methods that do not require special knowledge and skills. Finally, I want to advise you to always back up important data on a memory card and synchronize contacts, SMS with a Google account. So you protect yourself from unwanted loss of information.

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