How To Blacklist Samsung Phone

It just so happens that sometimes the owner of a cell phone can be pestering with calls. In this case, it becomes necessary to block incoming calls from such an annoying subscriber. It should be borne in mind that you can add a subscriber to the so-called blacklist if he calls from a city, international, long-distance number, as well as from a mobile phone, and it does not matter which mobile operator the bothering number has. Without exception, all cell phones have the ability to block an unnecessary subscriber. As for Samsung brand phones, this function is referred to as a black list in it. When the owner of the phone lists the subscriber that is not desired for communication, the second one will not be able to get through, no matter how hard he tries.

When a subscriber who has been blacklisted tries to reach you, a message will appear on his number screen saying that this number is indicated incorrectly or erroneously. Now you need to go directly to resolving the issue of how to blacklist Samsung. To do this, you need to take a cell phone and go to its main menu. In this section you can see numerous icons, each of which has its own designation and contains a specific set of functions and operations. To blacklist a subscriber you need to find an icon called "Settings". This section is responsible for setting phone parameters, and is also intended to block unwanted subscribers.

When you click the icon "Settings" several items will be presented to the cell phone user, among which it is necessary to select a section called "Applications". This item also has several subsections, so you need to open "Challenges". From this menu, select a submenu called "All challenges". After such actions, a menu will be found "Black list". To activate this function, it must be activated. To do this, the corresponding command is pressed. After the blacklist function is activated, you need to add the numbers or the number that should be blocked. To this end, you need to on the menu "Add to the list". Now you need to choose the numbers or phone number of the subscriber.

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Phone numbers will either need to be entered independently, or selected from the phone book, if the subscriber is saved in the directory. As soon as these actions are completed, the subscriber added to the black list will not bother the owner of the phone with his calls. When deciding on how to blacklist on a phone, a situation may arise when, for some reason, a person scored an incorrect phone number. In most cases, this error occurs if the owner of the phone drives the number on their own. To fix such a mistake is quite real and easy enough. To this end, you must re-enter the menu "Black list" in the same way as when the annoying subscriber number was blocked.

As soon as the above actions are completed, you need to uncheck the box next to the blocked subscriber. Also, this situation can be resolved in another way, namely, to remove the subscriber completely from the list of blocked numbers. The same should be done when there is a desire to exclude a subscriber who is blacklisted from this menu. You can exclude a subscriber from blocked numbers through the call list. Having chosen the desired phone number, you need to go to the context menu and select the appropriate section where there is a command "Remove from blacklist". In the same way, you can block the subscriber, only in this case a command is selected called "Add to Blacklist". This option is most preferred and convenient.

How To Blacklist Samsung Phone

It is worth noting that all Samsung phones are different from each other, and accordingly the menus of these phones can also be different. However, you should not worry much, because although their modification is different, the principle of the menu and settings is still preserved. In the event that the Samsung phone is an old model, then it may not have the function of adding numbers to the black list. But such a situation is quite solvable. To do this, the subscriber must contact the office of the mobile operator to which his number belongs and write a statement about being connected. The client can learn more about the provision of this service by contacting either the operators or on the official website of the company that provides cellular services.

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The situation in itself, when a person is reached by phone calls by those whom he is not happy to hear and who does not want to communicate with, is not normal. Therefore, in this case, so to speak "injured", may apply to law enforcement agencies and write a statement stating that a certain citizen is pestering with his calls. By law, law enforcement officials must respond to such a statement. If the annoying citizen doesn’t calm down in this case, you can safely apply the appropriate sanctions, one of which is a fine. In general, before resorting to the actions described above, you should talk with a citizen and try to convey to him that there is no desire to communicate and answer his calls. In most cases, this helps.

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