How To Charge Your Iphone 5s Useful Tips And Reviews

Surely, every owner of an iPhone charges his gadget in a chaotic manner. Knowing that the device is enough for about one daylight, we try to take away the precious energy here and there, at least for the same 20-30%. We are talking about random recharges at the workplace, with friends, in the car and in other sources. And this is on the one hand, and on the other, we “fry” our devices, leaving them to be energized for the night, which in most cases exceeds the time mark of seven hours.

In general, as such, the average user does not ask himself serious questions regarding charging the device – he connected the gadget to the outlet and forgot. Nevertheless, there are some interesting and important points that few know about. These nuances, coupled with general recommendations, will help to answer the question: “How to charge iPhone 5S correctly?”

We systematize and pay attention to all practical and critical points from the standard operating instructions for the gadget, which, one way or another, relate to our topic.

How to charge the new iPhone 5S

The first recharge of your gadget is one of the most important points. In order for the device to function properly for many years and please you with a long battery life, you must correctly conduct the first recharge cycle.

How to charge iPhone 5S for the first time:

  • as soon as you pull your gadget out of the box, connect it to the memory for at least three hours;
  • if the battery indicator is 100% full, you can safely use the device until the battery is completely discharged;
  • after the device turns off, leave the iPhone alone for about two to three hours;
  • after the specified time has passed, reconnect the phone to the charger and again wait until it charges up to 100%.
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It is also worth noting one important nuance in the question: “How to properly charge the iPhone 5S for the first time?” During the first recharge cycle, you should never use the gadget, otherwise the new battery will begin to “sink” and lose, albeit very small, but such important battery capacity. In addition, before you properly charge the new iPhone 5S, that is, according to the above instructions, make sure that the charging place excludes any sources of moisture (bathrooms, vases with water, aquariums, etc.) and direct sunlight. That is, in fact, everything that can adversely affect the first cycle.

Charge at night or not?

In order to really figure out how to properly charge an iPhone 5S and leave it overnight, you need to clearly understand what exactly happens with our gadget after connecting to a charger.

It should be noted right away that, as in most other similar cases, the charging controller is responsible for the power supply process of the device, or in another way – the power management module. This controller is directly related to the indication of the battery capacity, that is, it does not allow recharging the gadget and at the same time tries to fill the volume up to 100% faster in a reasonable amount of time. It should also be noted that the first 80% of the battery capacity is filled up quite quickly, and the next 20% in gentle mode, that is, noticeably slower.

After the battery is fully charged, the power management module turns off the power supply, without taking or transferring the charge to it. The gadget itself will work at this time from the network, that is, in this case, the battery does not charge and does not discharge. Keep this in mind before properly charging your iPhone 5S.

Features of continuous charging

Many become hostages to the myths that after reaching a 100% charge indication, the battery starts to cycle, discharging and recharging. In fact, this is not so, otherwise it would lead to significant battery wear, which neither the manufacturer nor, of course, the user was clearly satisfied with.

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Further, another fact on the question of how to properly charge iPhone 5S. Surely every owner of a mobile gadget knows that any battery is subject to a self-discharge process. And this is quite normal, unless, of course, at this time it is connected to the memory. For lithium-polymer batteries, with which fifth iPhones are equipped, this indicator fluctuates within 5% per month, which is extremely small when compared with other types and types of batteries.

Charge cycle

The power management module periodically checks the remaining battery capacity, and if it encounters a significant loss of charge, it starts a new power-up cycle. This need arises after the loss of at least 2% of the charge, and this does not happen more often than once every two weeks. That is, if you forget your gadget connected to the network for a month, the controller will start recharging the battery once or twice.

Taking into account all of the above, we can safely conclude on how to properly charge the iPhone 5S, and that leaving the gadget all night connected to the network, you absolutely risk nothing and do not damage the battery.

Power adapters

A standard charger (5V, 1A, 5W) will fully charge your gadget in about an hour and a half. There is nothing to add about branded "apple" adapters – they are made with high quality, honestly and rarely break.

How To Charge Your Iphone 5s Useful Tips And Reviews

Some ask a very interesting and quite logical question: “Is it possible to charge your iPhone 5S with charging from an iPad?” Yes, you can. Some especially zealous admirers and commentators on specialized forums immediately parry that this is extremely harmful for the phone’s battery for one reason or another, but let’s figure it out in order.

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Firstly, on the official (!) Apple resource there is a corresponding topic, where it is written in black and white: “Despite the fact that the charger is designed for iPad, you can also charge it with any model of iPhone or iPod.” And such a moment in the text is clearly not present in order to cash in on users by selling them new batteries.

Yes, there are no more myths that charging your iPhones with adapters from iPads is more than enough. Such a procedure supposedly completely kills the batteries of the phones, significantly reducing the battery capacity. Experts in this field (which you just need to listen to) unanimously assure that this is not so.

Remember that the charger, as we used to call it, with which we feed the phone, is not a charger at all, no matter how puny it sounds. This is the most common DC power adapter. The phone’s charging module is located in the gadget itself and is the very same power controller that was mentioned above. It is this module that determines what kind of current to direct to the battery.

Chinese power adapters

Chargers from the Middle Kingdom should not be considered. Almost all experts unanimously advise against using Chinese power adapters due to their dubious quality. They just can completely ruin your battery.

Literally all field tests showed that the real characteristics of Chinese chargers are significantly different from the declared ones. Of course, due to the low cost of these adapters, the temptation to buy is very high, but you will often remember these couple of paragraphs when your iPhone stops charging, so it’s better not to risk and stop at branded “apple” memories.

Car adapters

In general, all car chargers are evil for your gadget. You can use them only in the most extreme cases, because the risk of completely ditching your battery is very high.

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