How To Disassemble A Lenovo G570 Laptop To Replace Memory And Hard Drive

We disassemble the Lenovo G570 laptop. Consider the procedure for replacing memory and hard drive. At the same time, we also learn how to remove and replace the cooling fan.

A warning

This article is not a guide to action! All responsibility for collecting and disassembling your device lies with you.
Many manufacturers do not have warranty obligations if the device was disassembled by the user. If you do not want to lose the warranty on your device, check the warranty conditions in the documentation or from the device manufacturer.

Used tools

So, let’s start disassembling the Lenovo G570 laptop (model number: 4334).

Before you begin disassembling, be sure to turn off the laptop.


Unscrew the 4 screws securing the bottom cover of the laptop (circled in the picture).


Lift and remove the bottom cover.


Remove 2 screws securing the hard drive module (circled in the picture).


Slide the hard drive to the left to disconnect it from the motherboard.

Lift and remove the hard drive.


You will need to remove the hard drive holder and its aluminum shield and install them on a new hard drive.

NOTE: We think that a shield is not needed if you replace the drive with a solid state drive (SSD).

Now unscrew 2 screws on each side of the hard drive module and remove the holder.

Carefully peel off the aluminum shield.

The Lenovo G570 laptop has a regular 2.5-inch SATA hard drive.

It can be exchanged for any other 2.5-inch SATA hard drive of a larger capacity or a 2.5-inch SSD (solid state drive), which is more expensive, but it works faster and quieter. We prefer branded SSDs such as Crucial, Kingston, OCZ.

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After replacing the hard drive, you have to reinstall the operating system.


Both memory modules can be reached through the bottom of the laptop case.

To remove the memory modules, you need to pull the latches on the sides of the memory module slot in different directions.

How To Disassemble A Lenovo G570 Laptop To Replace Memory And Hard Drive


The memory modules extend at an angle of 30 degrees.


Carefully grab the memory module by the edges and pull it out of the slot in the direction of the arrow in the picture.

In the same way, remove the second memory module.

The Lenovo G570 laptop (model number: 4334) can install up to 8 GB of RAM. In each slot, you can install memory modules up to 4 GB. We use the following memory modules: PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM SODIMM 204 pin.

NOTE: To use all 8 GB of RAM, your laptop must have a 64-bit operating system installed.

Next, consider replacing the cooler. If the cooler starts to make noise, it can be easily removed and replaced. To remove the fan, you will have to disconnect 1 cable from the motherboard (indicated by the red arrow in the picture) and unscrew 3 screws (circled).

After that, lift and remove the fan. If the radiator is clogged with dust, it can be cleaned with compressed air.

Disassembly is complete! Assemble in the reverse order.

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