How To Distinguish The Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 From A Fake

The popularity of fitness bracelets continues to grow, but at the same time, the number of fakes on famous and high-quality models is increasing. The “smart” watches from Xiaomi from the second line did not become an exception. Want to purchase them, but don’t know how to distinguish the original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 from a fake? Then this article is for you.

How to distinguish a fake Mi Band 2 from the original in appearance

Of course, the main criteria for difference are hidden in appearance. A fake can be done almost perfectly, without any scratches, scuffs, unknown stickers and signs, but by comparing it with the original, we still find differences, even cosmetic ones.

Charging cable

To get started, take the wires for charging. The copy cord is always shorter, and the original is much longer. By tactile sensations, we understand that the fake wire is glossy, smooth and glides in your hands, whereas real matte.

The cable caps, where the tracker itself is attached, are usually the same size, but if you just turn them over, we notice an obvious “cant” of the fake: there is no Mi logo.

USB connector: it has abrasions, micro scratches, a clear yellowish tint, which also indicates poor quality. Contacts are identical, only the copy has an unknown slot below.

Rubber strap

Now go to the strap. A black rubber strap is always included, consider it. Duplicate Color muffled, no elegant deep black, grayish tint. All buttons and clasps are exactly the same.

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We unfasten the strap, turn it over and look: the original has the model name and ID number, the replica has no markings. The holes match, and there, and there are nine pieces.

Further quality. Xiaomi strap is very soft, bends and wrinkles without problems, lightweight and feels like velvet. This is done for prolonged wearing of the bracelet so that the wrist is not rubbed, and there is no any discomfort. But the fake leaves much to be desired: the strap is hard, unpleasant to the touch and looks quite cheap.

Therefore, if your skin is prone to various rashes, redness and itching, and after wearing Mi Band 2, you notice this, you can be sure – before you is a duplicate.

Tracker (capsule)

Getting to the "stuffing" – the tracker. And here be very careful! The replica always has the font on the display either bright blue or pale green, but the first batches of the original bracelets also had symbols with a greenish tint. If you bought Mi Band 2 for a long time and noticed “greens” – it doesn’t matter, but in case of a recent purchase you should be wary, because all subsequent batches come only with a deep white color. Clarity is usually up to par even with a duplicate.

Work speed

If the fake is of high quality, it won’t slow down anything, the touch button usually works quite smartly, it doesn’t freeze and glitch. It is on more or less normal performance that bias is made when creating a copy.


The contacts on the tracker are almost the same, only if you look closely, you can see the difference in size literally in a millimeter. On the cue they stick out a little bigger and stronger.

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Heart rate monitor and pedometer

Glass and thickness are usually identical, but the heart rate monitor in working condition is different. The green LEDs on the original are two small "flashlights" located at a distance from each other, whereas on the copy this is one solid green LED.

The difference in measurements is usually not big, it is only three or four beats per minute, so everything is fine here. Similarly with a pedometer, it does not lie on a quality duplicate.

Lack of logo

Let’s go back to the tracker and look at the last difference: on the non-original Mi Band 2, the Mi logo is missing from the back of the capsule. Basically, on a craft almost everywhere company logos are missing, which immediately prompts the thought of a low-quality and non-original model.

This is where the visual differences end, and they do not play a significant role in the performance of the fitness bracelet, these are purely cosmetic remarks.

How to verify Mi Band 2 for authenticity

By MAC address

To do this, connect the fitness bracelet to the proprietary app Mi Fit, go to the section "Profile". Next, click on the attached device and get to a new page where detailed information is located. We go to the very bottom and find the item "MAC address".

We remember the value, exit the application and try again. We look at the address again, and if other characters are already there, you can be sure of the replica.

How To Distinguish The Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 From A Fake

In appearance of the box

Fake almost always comes in a yellow cardboard box without identification marks, there is no information sheet, Xiaomi logo, there can only be a photo of the fitness bracelet itself. In such packages, Mi Band 1 and 1 Plus were also sold.

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The original Mi Band 2 is sold in a snow-white box, where is the name, Xiaomi sign, on the bottom of the information sheet. Of course, all this should be sealed in polyethylene, no tears, holes or traces of printing.

Miscellaneous software

And the most important minus of the duplicate is It does not connect to Mi Fit. Yes, you can’t synchronize your fitness bracelet with the application, as a result of which any settings are simply impossible.

There are "advanced" replicas that the program recognizes and, in principle, works normally with them. Such duplicates can be recognized by a different MAC address, as we wrote above.

But there is an exit even for copies, namely auxiliary utilities, by installing which it is possible to work with Mi Fit. For example, FunDoBraclet. If everything is done correctly, even a non-original device will function quite tolerably, but no one insures against some inoperative options.

Of course, the original device does not withstand boiling water or large depths, but standard water procedures pass without harm to smart watches.

Conclusions: is it worth buying a fake

  1. You have a fairly limited budget.
  2. There is no allergy to cheap rubber.
  3. There are no "oddities" about visible design differences.
  4. Before taking a bath, you always remove all accessories.

In this case, you can safely choose a replica. But be prepared for incorrect operation and unnecessary troubles about the software.

Consider all the above details when choosing Mi Band 2.

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