How To Enable Xiaomi Mi Band 4 For The First Time

The first time you turn on the equipment, it is always special, because at the initial start-up, the user checks the operability of the device, sets the necessary modes, sets the correct settings. The user should consider similar features before turning on the Mi Band 4. Despite the apparent simplicity of the device, the importance of the first inclusion should not be underestimated.

When acquiring a new device, users often seek to quickly test it in practice. Great is the temptation to use the equipment you just bought. But do not rush to put into operation: you must follow the rules for the first time. They will allow you to take into account the nuances of the purchase, as well as avoid misuse.

The Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet is a companion and additional device to the smartphone. The tracker from Xiaomi works with phones of two main operating systems: Android and iOS. Regardless of the phone, the first time you turn it on, you need to check not only the physical condition of the fitness bracelet, but also go through the synchronization procedure with your smartphone.

How to turn on Mi Band 4

Before turning on the Mi Band 4 tracker for the first time after purchase, it must be charged. This rule applies to all equipment sold, which on sale has a percentage of charge of 1-2%, enough for demonstration purposes.

Device charging procedure:

  1. Metal charging contacts are located on the side of the fitness bracelet. They need to be placed in a special nest.
  2. Connect the USB cable to the device and the power point.
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Before looking for ways to enable Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the user must download and install the Mi Fit application on the smartphone. This program serves as a link between the phone and the Mi Band. Installing the application can be done during the charging time of the device.

To go through the synchronization procedure, you must first create a Mi account, which is done through the Mi Fit application or the Xiaomi website The registration process is standard, as with many other sites. It includes indicating the name, age, contact details, physical characteristics (weight, height), consent to the processing of personal data, consent or disagreement to the newsletter in Chinese.

First inclusion

The inclusion of the Banda for the first time is preceded by three actions, after which you can begin to launch the fitness bracelet and synchronize with the phone:

  • charging;
  • Mi Fit installation;
  • account registration
How To Enable Xiaomi Mi Band 4 For The First Time

The order of synchronization of the Mi Band fitness bracelet and smartphone:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone.
  2. In the Mi Fit application, open the "Status" section.
  3. Select “Device is not connected” and “Bracelet” in the list of proposed options.
  4. We place the tracker and the phone as close as possible.
  5. When the fitness bracelet vibrates, press the touch screen once – this is confirmation of the completion of the link.

For subsequent actions, the Mi Fit application is used, where the bracelet owner sets standard values ​​for the daily number of steps. The watch on the bracelet is automatically configured at the same time that the smartphone has.

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This completes the installation and the first start-up procedure. At any time, the user can make changes to the settings, as well as change the synchronized smartphone.

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