How To Install Root Rights On Android - Open Root Access

Hello. Each owner of the gadget running the Android operating system was faced with the fact that in his device there is a huge amount of pre-installed software that he never uses. At the same time, such programs take up a lot of space, in connection with which a quite understandable question arises – how to install rights on the Android root in order to get rid of everything unnecessary and, if necessary, make its own adjustments to the operating system. I think this article will interest many, so let’s get started.

There are several methods for obtaining root rights, but I propose to consider the most simple and safe ones.

Installation options

You can add root rights to Android in two ways:

  • Using a utility and pairing with computer equipment;
  • Using the program directly from the smartphone, using the installation file.

In some cases, only one of these options may be suitable for you, so we will consider them separately.

Access for Android through a utility for PC

One of the most universal, and, therefore, the most popular applications is Kingo Root.

First of all, it will be necessary to download it, you can do it on the official resource of the developer –

There you press the button "Download for Windows" (Download for Windows), then the automatic download starts. Next, open the necessary file and follow the instructions of the Windows installer:

  • click on "Next step" (Next. In English);
  • mark “I accept the agreement”, press "Following. ";
  • it is important to specify the folder where the object will be copied correctly, or you can leave the default folder;
  • then you select NEXT all the time;
  • click on "Installation" (Install) at the last stage;
  • wait until the utility is copied to the computer.
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After debugging the product, you can start installing the root rights for Android themselves. We do the launch of Kingo root. A window will open in which the request to connect the device via a USB cable will be written. The smartphone must be connected correctly, then on it you allow installation using a computer, for this you need to put a mark in the corresponding menu of the section for developers. "USB debugging":

Click Root and then the application itself will install the driver on your device and, accordingly, install root rights. You are only waiting for the completion of the process.

I note that you can not interrupt the program, turn off the PC or mobile device, even if it seems that the process does not go further. This procedure usually takes a long time, so be patient.

The author recommends:

We root using the utility that is installed on the gadget

If for some reason you cannot or do not want to get root through a computer, you can use the special application that is installed immediately on your smartphone. To do this, go to and download the latest version of the utility there.

Now you can proceed to the installation of the application. Through Explorer, look for a file with the apk extension, open it, agree to the installation and wait until the product is activated on the device.

After completion, open the resulting product and select the object to set root rights, it is called SuperSU or SuperUser, as you want.

You must also select one of the non-existent characters Boromir, Legolas, or who will be available.

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Framaroot setup

If everything went well and the result is achieved, a notification with the smile “:-)” will be displayed.

Otherwise, the program will note that rutting did not work. In such a situation, you will have to look for alternative options for safely obtaining the right of an "almighty" user on your Android.

Some features of obtaining root rights

After root rights for Android are installed, the smartphone’s control capabilities increase several times. You can delete what you want the application, including what was installed in conjunction with the OS. You just have to be careful, because you can remove anything you want, so the risk of removing one of the system components also increases. And this, in turn, can lead to the fact that the system begins to work incorrectly. It’s better not to get rid of programs that you don’t know about, because the removal of system components in some cases can even lead to a complete failure of the device.

It is worth remembering that many utilities are associated with the OS shell, so their removal will entail the incorrect operation of other programs. Such software can include:

It is better to leave these objects unchanged.

How to remove the root?

It may happen that you successfully got what you wanted, become a superuser, but something goes wrong. It is worth considering the removal of rights if the following difficulties appear:

  • rutting led to deactivation of the guarantee;
  • doubts about the protection against virus software with root rights;
  • After going through the above procedure, the smartphone began to work incorrectly.
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You can remove root rights from the device:

  • in manual mode;
  • through the program;
  • using a pc.

Through a PC, you can do a flashing of equipment. On all Android OS firmware there is no root access. So updating or even changing OSes helps to give up superuser capabilities. This option is quite laborious, if you are looking for something simpler, delete root through the program. The SuperSU utility will help with this, as I already noted, it can be found in the Play Market:

  • activate the application;
  • go to settings;
  • choose a complete removal of root access;
  • click on it and wait for the gadget to reboot.

This process also takes a long time, so don’t be alarmed. With a deliberate and careful approach, competent rutting, you can get a unique opportunity to control your device, and if you want to change its work. I told you how to install rights on Android root, and the choice of method is always yours. In this case, do not rush, it is better to do everything sequentially.

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