How To Make A Hard Reset On Samsung Galaxy

Resetting settings on Galaxy smartphones can be useful if you encounter a serious system problem or just want to restore your smartphone to factory settings. However, resetting the settings completely erases all personal data and system settings. Below are 3 ways to reset settings using the Galaxy S3 as an example. But everything is exactly the same done on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S5 and any other smartphones and tablets that run on Android.

Method 1. Reset to the Settings Menu.

Step 1. Press “Menu” on the main screen.

Step 2 Click on "Settings."

Step 3 Select “Backup and reset” (“Archive and reset”).

Step 4 Click Reset Data.

Step 5 Click on “Reset Device”. If you have activated the screen lock feature on your device, you will have to enter a password or PIN before continuing.

Step 6 Select "Delete All." Your phone will delete all settings and erase all your data, and then reboot.

Method 2. Demand through recovery

Step 1. Turn off your Galaxy smartphone.

Step 2 Press and hold the button "Power"button "Home", and button "Volume up".

Step 3 Wait until the phone vibrates, then release only the button "Power".

Step 4 Wait for the Android System Recovery screen to appear, then release the buttons "Home" and "Volume up".

Step 5 Press the “Volume Down” button and select the “Wipe data / factory reset” option.

Step 6

Press the key "Power"to select an option.

How To Make A Hard Reset On Samsung Galaxy

Step 7 Press button "Volume down" to highlight an option "Delete all user data".

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Step 8 Press button "Power" again to select an option. Your phone activates the process of resetting all settings and then upon completion you need to select "Reboot system now".

Step 9 Press the key "Power"to reboot the system and complete the general reset.

Method 3. Make a reset using the dialer

Step 1. Open the dialing panel on your phone, which on all phones is indicated by a green icon, which should be on the main screen.

Step 2 Enter 27673855 # Your device must do a full reset and will delete all your personal data.

Now you know all the ways how to completely reset your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It is worth noting that this should be done only in extreme cases, and do not forget that all the gadget data will be deleted after that!

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