How to make blurry background picture on iPhone

Blur Photo and Focos.

I have an iPhone SE. I like his camera, especially now that Apple has substantially expanded its editing capabilities. But you can always wish for something more, for example, sometimes I do not have enough portrait mode to take photos with a blurry background.

How to make blurry background picture on iPhone

Background blurred with focos

I do not plan to update the smartphone in the near future, so I decided to somehow get out and find a free application that simulates portrait mode in the App Store. One of the first I came across Blur Photo. Without thinking twice, I installed it and started using it, struggling with the annoyance of annoying advertising. It is played every time the application starts, and before saving the edited snapshot.

Almost immediately, I wanted to establish some kind of alternative and compare the results and usability. This time I decided to think and at least read something before choosing an application. A quick analysis showed that the Focos application, also free, copes well with the application of the bluer effect. Therefore, I decided to try it.

Blur Photo and Focos Application Interface

The former has poorer functionality, which means it’s easier to deal with. Of the additional features available only in the professional version of the application, portrait mode and several background blur effects. Focos has more advanced professional features. You can free blur the background with the desired intensity, change the brightness and play with the direction of blur. The rest is in the pro version. It’s nice that there is no intrusive advertising in it.

The main difference between these applications is that in Blur Photo you need to blur the background manually, and Focos does everything automatically. Working independently with the background is a long and dreary occupation. Near the edges of the main object and background you have to mess around, enlarge the picture, reduce the size of the brush. As a result, I will be honest, it turns out clumsily. The result is not satisfying, and it takes a lot of time.

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Which application blurs the background better

How to make blurry background picture on iPhone

If you look at the photo above, the answer is obvious. Focos did this evenly and did not touch the main object. The desired effect is achieved, it seems that they were shot with portrait mode. However, when I tried to upload another photo, where, besides the main object, there is an eye-catching subject in the background, the result was not so impressive.

How to make blurry background picture on iPhone

Here Focos for some reason did not want to smear the background on the left side of the photo. Apparently, he believed that the circle with flowers on the wall is also the main object and you need to put it alone. No matter how I try to change the settings, the part to the left of the cat remains clear. However, I am also not happy with the result that Blur Photo produced, everything looks rough and uneven. It turns out that none of the applications did the job, but at least Focos did not take much time.

Applications work worst when the color of the main object and the background color are similar.

How to make blurry background picture on iPhone

Blur Photo has the same problems, everything is messy and uneven, and Focos blurs the dog’s head along with the background. None of these photos can be used further, the original looks much more presentable.


You can create a semblance of a photograph taken in portrait mode. Sometimes it turns out even quite convincingly and beautifully. However, you need to carefully approach the choice of photo for processing. It should be simple for the application:

  • next to the main object there should be nothing that the editor will “embarrass”, nothing large and catchy.
  • The colors of the background and the main object must be different, otherwise everything will blur.
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Yes, I clarified the requirements of the Focos application, found out empirically. Because with him there is at least some chance to get a cool shot with a blurry background. I don’t like what Blur Photos gives out, I probably didn’t try enough when I blurred the background manually, but I didn’t want to try. I just wanted a photo with a blurry background as quickly as possible.

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