How To Mute Iphone Sound

How to mute iPhone sound Every user of this phone should know. There are times when you need to create silence and eliminate all sound stimuli, and here soundless or, as it is also called, “Silent mode”, which has long taken root in any mobile phone, is useful.

In order to turn on iPhone silent mode, you don’t need to dig into the phone’s settings and look for modes, just use the switch located on the left side of the case. At the time of writing this note, such a mode switch is available on all iPhone models and looks approximately the same.

This toggle switch has two positions “Normal” and “Silent”. When silent mode is turned on, a dot or a strip of red will be visible on the switch (depending on the model). As soon as you activate the silent mode, the phone stops making sounds, only the vibration remains on.

Muting the iPhone is accompanied by a pop-up notification in the form of a crossed out bell on the phone’s display. By turning off the sound in the iPhone, the alarm will continue to sound and ring in the morning. If you turn on music or voice recordings in silent mode, they will also sound.

On many iPhones, when you turn on silent mode, the click sound of the camera is turned off when taking pictures, but on some models the shutter continues to click, why read this – here.

In addition to the above, in silent mode:

How To Mute Iphone Sound
  • Keyboard cheeks are disabled when typing
  • The sound of dialing is turned off, the same tone beeps when you touch the dial
  • Do not disturb sounds of incoming messages
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If the phone is in normal mode, then you can turn off the iPhone sound during an incoming call by pressing the volume button or the power button (Power). Using a single press, the phone will continue dialing, but without a ringing ringtone. When you press the Power button again, the phone will clear the incoming call, and the caller will hear short beeps.

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