How To Record A Phone Conversation On Iphone 6

Today, many are still convinced that recording a telephone conversation without using a voice recorder is simply impossible, moreover, there is no way to do this on an iphone either. And the most interesting thing is that this is really true (just not to mention the recorder). Such an opportunity did not exist before the emergence of iphone 5, and soon and until the advent of a completely new generation – iphone 6.

Next, we’ll talk in detail about programs that will help you to record conversations on the iphone 6.
The ability to record a conversation on iOS not just on a voice recorder, but using other applications, was first announced by the developer of such well-known programs as Elias Limneos, SBRotator, CallBar, ScrollingBoard and many others. The Audio Recorder program helped to carry out this action.

Audio recorder

The program allows you to record a telephone conversation with the ability to listen to them in the future. The developer of the program worked on the function of playing them and even sending them by email.

The main advantages of this program: – No connection to the Internet network at all; – Very easy to use, as it has only four interfaces; – Excellent sound quality of the recording.

There is one drawback of Audio Recorder – there is no way to record incoming calls.

Currently, the application only works on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 devices.

iSpoof Card

Another application that allows you to record a conversation on your phone. It makes it possible:

  • leave your voice messages on the answering machine;
  • change your voice timbre (a great way to make fun of your friend. Is it tempting? This function also allows you to maintain privacy, and today it is very important);
  • free app.
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Use this application and do not bother using an ordinary voice recorder.

Google voice

Google Voice is another unique way to record a telephone conversation.
In order to be able to use this program for iphone, register on the Google Voice website. Simply create your account and download this program to your mobile phone.
So, we will tell you in detail how to use this program:

  • on the Google Voice website, find the gear icon, and then click Settings. A window will open in front of you, in which click on the Calls item;
  • then see Call Options – check the box next to the function for recording calls;
  • after receiving a call using Google Voice, try to record a conversation by pressing the button on the keyboard;
  • then both subscribers will hear information in the voice format “This call is being recorded now”;
  • after you end the conversation, find the recorded call in the inbox Google Voice application.

Here is another example that allows you to stop using the recorder.


This is a program that without any problems will help you record a telephone conversation. Interested in the question, how to use it?

  • Install the iPadio app on your phone;
  • then you will see a questionnaire where it will be necessary to fill in all the fields;
  • open the Calls / Records tab and come up with a 4-digit PIN code after clicking on Live Phonecast;
  • dial the number of the person you want to call;
  • as soon as the subscriber picks up the phone, the “merge calls” button should light up in the lower left corner of the screen – click on it and thus the conversation will begin to be recorded; after the call ends, press Enter;
  • open the iPadio application, in which you click on the Broadcast button and select the function you need: listen, adjust, download or delete this recording;
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And again we repeat – get rid of the habit of using a voice recorder – take advantage of new opportunities!

OpenGsm PRO-X

This is one of the latest programs that recently began to be in demand among users of iphone 6, who previously also used the recorder.
Features of the program:

  • has a complete set of necessary functions and is simply ideal for listening to iphone 6 (the application can also be installed on Iphone 5s);
  • collects information in the form of SMS texts, call log, as well as letters in e-mail; –
  • allows you to record any conversation on the phone, which in the same turn makes it possible to listen to all conversations of the object;
  • do not believe it, but recording messages from Viber, WhatsApp, FaceBook, Skype has also become real!

In general, this article sets the main task – to familiarize iphone users with programs that significantly expand their capabilities, namely to record conversations on the phone. What was previously prohibited is in great demand today. You also probably understood that using a voice recorder to record a conversation is stupid, right? In general, if you are a happy iphone 6 user, then select the program you like and install it on your phone!

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