How To Reset A Tablet Or Laptop To The Factory Settings Of Windows 8, 10

… how to reset a tablet or laptop to its factory settings? This procedure after some time is simply necessary to return your favorite device to normal working condition! It should be understood – increasing the capacity of the updated functionality of Windows, this is a normal process of development of IT technologies. However, our tablets, laptops serve us for more than a year, and during this time they manage to become outdated in the sense of RAM, etc., which, as a result, is not enough: if there is not enough, then the brakes in the system are inevitable …

many irresponsible citizens turn to workshops to have them reset or reinstall the Windows system and pay their money again for what they already have.

In vain: you can very easily perform a system restore yourself. About this and the article …

Restoring factory settings on a Windows 8, 10 tablet

Remember, did your device or computer come with a recovery disk? It is important!

If there was no disk, then this is to some extent wonderful! … perhaps you have a chance that in the bowels of, for example, your tablet there is a hidden safe storage of a brand new vendor with all its necessary initial components. As you know, this is the ability to restore the factory settings of Windows – simply reset the system to its original state. What we need today.

Restoring factory settings to your tablet – Windows 10

In Windows 10, the process of restoring the factory settings of the system is much simpler than, say, in Windows 7 – there you need to dig into the BIOS. And in Windows 10 there are regular system recovery tools:

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We will use the Start menu (how to return the start to Windows 10). We will open the menu and select the “PC Settings” link (pictures may visually differ from what you see at home – the main thing is one).

In the PC Settings we find the “Update and Restore” setting, click …

At this stage, resetting the Windows settings to their original state, the current system will offer to save all your data (which can then be restored) to the file: photos or some documents … here you decide everything at your discretion …

Once you decide, start the system recovery process. That is, you fearlessly press the "Start" button.

A short reset process and the installation of the original Windows and … done! You have a brand new Windows, which was immediately after the purchase of the gadget.

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how to reset the tablet to the factory settings of Windows 8

To reset Windows 8 settings, you need to go to the context menu and select the “Settings” link

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Practical similarity to the method described above: select “PC Settings” … then we are interested in the “Update and Restore” tool

A nice window will open in which you need to choose the most suitable system recovery options for you.

I think it’s hardly worth a lot of talk here, everything is clear and understandable from the descriptions of the settings … as a result, you need to click on the “Start” button.

… The system will be restored.

You can restore any Windows system to its original state even if your existing system is completely broken. (does not start).

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