How To Reset Android To Factory Settings

Smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system have decent functionality and allow you to solve a variety of problems. Various applications work on them, photos, videos and other data are stored. Sometimes it becomes necessary to get rid of everything that is stored in the system at once. Manual data deletion is too time-consuming, so it’s easier to restore the device to its original state by instant cleaning.

How to reset to Android OS factory settings? There are many ways that we will talk about in our review. Why do you need to reset the operating system and the entire device to the factory state? This is done in the following cases:

  • When transferring or selling the device to another user;
  • With incorrect operation of the Android operating system;
  • If it is impossible to start the operating system;
  • With numerous errors in the operation of programs and OS.

The result is a complete cleanup of the Android device to its original state.

Reset through the main menu

Want to sell your smartphone or tablet? Need to get rid of errors in the functioning of the operating system and applications? Then we will tell you how to reset Android to factory settings and clear the device of installed programs and data in memory. The easiest way to perform a reset is to go to the main menu, select the “Settings” item, select the “Activate and reset” item, click on the “Reset data” line.

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What will happen next? So what is next we will receive a warning that now all data will be deleted from the device – accounts, photos taken, downloaded music, work files, as well as access keys to encrypted files on the memory card. Here you will also see all the accounts under which you are logged in to this device. At the very bottom you will find the “Reset Device” button – press and wait until the system returns to its original state.

Please note that a full reset does not affect the data stored on the memory card – the photos, videos and data stored here will remain intact. But we recommend removing the memory card during a general reset.

Android Engineering Codes – Factory Reset

As a result of various errors, some menu items may not be available. And it will be impossible to reset Android to factory settings. What to do in this case? The easiest way is to use one of the engineering teams available in all versions of the Android operating system and on all devices. A complete reset will help team 27673855 # – she is dialed in the usual dialer.

If the team for some reason did not work, you can use another command – ## 7780 ##. Like the previous command, it will help you perform a Hard Reset (resetting Android to the factory state. If it didn’t help, try typing the third command – ## 7378423 ##. After rebooting, you will get a clean device returned to its original factory state.

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Do not use commands whose purpose you are not familiar with, as this may result in loss of functionality of your device.

Reset via Recovery Mode

The Android operating system may be so damaged that it becomes impossible to start it. A typical sign of damage is endless device boot. The only way to restore the device to life is Hard Reset (general reset) through Recovery mode. The following combinations are used to access this mode:

  • “Turn on” and “Volume Down”;
  • “Turn on” and “Volume up”;
  • "Turn on", "Home" and one of the volume keys;
  • "Turn on" and both volume buttons.

You need to clamp the buttons when you turn on your smartphone or tablet. For some models, additional actions are performed by pressing certain buttons after turning on the device with the above combinations. Thus, in order to return the factory settings to Android, you need to look for a key combination that allows you to enter the Recovery mode on your device (usually this mode is used for flashing Android devices).

Next, select the item “wipe data / factory reset” and wait for the completion of the return to the factory settings. Please note that all data on your phone will be deleted.. Therefore, you should not neglect the creation of backups in order to avoid the loss of this data.

In no case do not touch other items in the engineering menu or in Recovery mode – this can lead to the most unexpected consequences, up to a complete loss of the device’s operability and the impossibility of its further restoration.

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