How To Reset Android To Factory Settings

Instructions on how to reset Android to factory settings in a couple of minutes! You can reset Android to a pre-sale state through the gadget itself and through a PC. They are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. How to reset Android settings to factory settings?

1) Reset Android service codes

Open the Phone Utility (also works on tablets). Using the keyboard, enter one of the following combinations: ## 7378423 ##, 27673855 #, ## 7780 ## (no commas). If necessary, press the call button. The Android device will restart and initialize the system reset to the manufacturer’s settings.

2) We reset the settings in the android menu

This method works if moving through the menu items is still possible. Go to settings and click "Restore and reset." The list of items that appears needs to be scrolled to the very end. At the very bottom you will find the item “Reset settings” (for different gadgets it may have the name “General reset”, “Delete all data”, “Reset smartphone settings”, etc.). The system can offer 2 options for rolling back the device to its original state: with and without erasing the internal memory. Tip: it’s better to choose the first option, but before that you need to save all the data. Next, click on "Delete All."

3) Reset Android factory settings in the engineering menu of Recovery

How to return factory settings to android, if navigation through system items is not possible? One of the options is to reset the device via the Recovery menu (engineering menu). This advanced method is suitable for advanced users. You need to hold down the power button of the gadget until it turns off. If it does not work, you need to remove the battery from the device and insert it back when the smartphone / tablet turns off. Then you need to hold down two (sometimes three) specific buttons (the process is described in the paragraph "How to reset the settings on Samsung / Sony / htc / xiaomi").

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Tip: after the engineering menu appears, you may find that the display does not respond to pressing. This is normal: in most cases, the regulation of all processes in Recovery-mode is carried out using the volume rocker (up / down) and the power key (Enter button). To reset the parameters to a pre-sale state, select Wipe data / factory reset.

Tip: in modified firmware, for example MIUI, in this paragraph there are three options for erasing files: Advanced Wipe, Format Data and Factory Reset. We need exactly the third option. After its activation, a console window will start, in which the reset will be displayed.

4) Reset Android using third-party applications

How to reset the settings on the android to factory settings using third-party utilities? The most advanced option is to return the device to a pre-sale state through a Windows desktop using Android Debug Bridge. This program is indispensable if resetting is not possible even through the engineering menu. Android Debug Bridge (ADB) was introduced by Google for the Windows platform and requires intervention in system variables and the command line. To install ADB, download the Android System Development Kit. This is an archive whose contents must be extracted along the path C: \ Program Files. Browse to the folder where the extracted files are located, and rename it by pressing F2. The new name is AndroidADT. Then left-click on the “Start” icon, point to “Computer,” right-click and select “Properties.” Once in the "System" menu, go from there to the "Advanced system settings." In the list of "System variables" we look for the Path item and double-click on it with the left button of the manipulator. In the item "Variable value" delete the existing path and replace it with a new one; C: \ Program Files \ AndroidADT \ sdk \ platform-tools \. Save the changes by clicking the OK button.

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Then we press the WinR button combination, write cmd.exe and click Enter. Turn on the Android device and connect it to the desktop. At the command prompt, write adb shell and press Enter. When the ADB recognizes the mobile device, enter —wipe_data and click Enter.

How to save data when resetting to android

As for photos, video and audio content, it is better to copy it to Flash-storage / cloud. The data of games, utilities, contacts and Google-accounts must be duplicated on the account for backup. To create it, go to the settings, from there we go to the "Restore and Reset" item. We click on the "Backup Account", then – "Add Account". The system will prompt you to set a password for the new account. Save the backup account. We exit the created account and go to the one that you need to save before resetting the settings. Then select “Back up data” and turn on the option “Back up data”.

How to reset if you forget the screen lock password

Use the engineering menu. First, turn off the gadget, then at Samsung we hold down the volume rocker, the power key, Sony and HTC – hold the power up rocker, the power button, Xiaomi – hold the volume up and power buttons until the logo appears, then release the power button, while holding the volume up rocker.

How To Reset Android To Factory Settings

Reset google account settings on android

We go to the settings, from there – to the "Recovery and reset." Scroll to the bottom and click on "Reset Settings". Turn off the option “Clear internal memory”. Then click “Reset device settings”.

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How to reset the settings on samsung / sony / htc / xiaomi (android phone)

The universal way is through the engineering menu. For Samsung: volume rocker power button; for Sony and HTC: volume rocker power key; for Xiaomi: the volume rocker power button, after the logo pops up, release the power button, while holding the volume up button.

Flexible Reset Android Apps

HDD Low Level Format Tool is an alternative to Android Debug Bridge. This utility also returns the mobile gadget to a pre-sale state. Its advantage is that it is more convenient than ADB. First you need to install HDD LLFT, turn on the application and connect the included smartphone. In the list of displayed media, select your device and click "Continue". After a few minutes, the gadget will be reset.

You can use CWM Recovery or TWRP Recovery utilities. They are installed on the Android gadget itself with ROOT. To use them, you need to download the Rashr program through Google Play. Opening Rashr, you will see the items “CWM Recovery” and “TWRP Recovery”. These are two programs that provide access to the engineering menu in a convenient graphical form. I advise you to choose the first one, since it has a version (CWM Touch that supports pressing the screen, and not the traditional volume rocker control. To boot, tap on CWM Recovery / TWPR Recovery. A list of available versions appears, select the latest. When you see the download request, click Yes. At the end, the utility will offer to boot into the engineering menu, agree by clicking Yes.

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