How To Reset Settings On An Android Device

To delete all data from an Android device, reset its settings. This procedure is also called formatting or resetting to factory settings.

Important! When resetting, all data is deleted.

Before you perform a reset, make sure that you try the rest of the solutions. Learn more

Preparing to reset

To recover data after a factory reset, you’ll need to log in to your Google Account. This is necessary so that no one else can get access to your data.

Before resetting, do the following:

  1. See which Google Account is used on the device.
  1. Open your device’s settings.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Check username.
  • Make sure you know your Google Account password. To verify this, log in to it on another device or computer. Learn more about what to do if you’re having trouble signing in to your Google Account.
  • If you have configured a screen lock, make sure you remember the pattern, PIN, or password. Learn more about what to do if you cannot unlock your Android device.
  • Note. If you just changed your Google Account password, wait 24 hours before resetting your device.

    After resetting the device, all data will be deleted from the device. Information synchronized with your Google Account can be restored, but applications and related data will be permanently deleted.

    To recover your data, make sure it’s saved to your Google Account. You can find additional information in the following articles:

    Resetting may take about an hour.

    1. Connect the device to a power source. Do not disconnect it until the reset is complete.
    2. Connect your device to Wi-Fi or mobile network. After reset, this connection will be required to enter your Google account.
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    Resetting your Android device

    1. Open your device’s settings.
    2. Click System " title =">">Additional settings " title =">">Reset.
      • If the item "Additional settings" no, select Reset.
      • Select Delete all data " title =">">Reset phone or Reset tablet. If necessary, enter a PIN, pattern, or password.
      • To delete all data from the device’s internal memory, select Erase everything.
      • When the removal is complete, reboot the device.
      • Configure the device and restore the saved data.

      If you are unable to open the device settings, you can perform a reset using the power and volume buttons. For detailed instructions for your device, visit the manufacturer’s website.

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