How To Reset Settings On Android Via Buttons

How to reset Android to factory settings using buttons is a common question for mobile device users. The technique often breaks down, and the reasons usually lie in the software. Damage is associated with the loss of system files, malware infection, unsuccessful firmware update. To solve problems, you can reset the android to factory settings.

How to reset with buttons

The easiest way to make a hard reset is to go to the settings. But in some cases this is not possible, therefore, smartphones have an engineering menu. To start recovery, you must turn off the phone, making sure that it is charged. The required key combination depends on the phone model, but usually includes power, volume and one of the touch buttons.

For example, on HTC they hold down the volume decrease and on, on Samsung add the Menu, and on LG – also increase the volume. These combinations may have a different look within the same manufacturer. The keys are clamped for 15-20 seconds, waiting for the android logo to appear on the screen.

The menu that appears provides a list of commands. You can switch between them using the volume keys, some systems support touch debugging. To select a specific field, press the power key. To reset the device to factory settings, you need to find one of three items, the name of which depends on the model: Clear eMMC, wipe data. Having found the desired item, select it and confirm the task. After resetting, reboot the device.


Reset devices are done through recovery, if you can’t turn on the smartphone or it is blocked by malware. To reset, you must:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Hold buttons: power on, volume up and central touch screen. The combination varies slightly, depending on the configuration of the device and the presence of various buttons.
  • When the phone starts up, release the power while continuing to hold the rest.
  • After 10–20 seconds, recovery appears. If this does not happen, make sure the combination is correct and repeat the first 3 steps.
  • Switch between the items with the volume buttons.
  • Get to the Wipe data category, which means data cleansing.
  • Press the power key, then confirm.
  • After cleaning, the system will transfer the user to the main menu where you need to reboot.
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After rebooting, use a cleaned device.

ZTE Phones

Android smartphones can be reset to factory settings if there is a software problem that interferes with the work. To do this, charge the device at least one third of the maximum and disconnect from power. How to reset settings on android via buttons:

  1. Unplug the device.
  2. Hold power and volume up.
  3. Wait for the android logo to appear, release the keys.
  4. In the boot menu, a list of commands and data about the phone will be indicated.
  5. By changing the sound volume, select Wipe data and open it by pressing the power button.
  6. Find the word yes in the list and select it.
  7. Confirm by pressing the power key.
  8. Wait until the phone is cleared of files and return to the engineering menu.
  9. Reboot by clicking on reboot.

This method allows you to clean your phone if malware or software problems interfere with your work. Before resetting the settings, it is recommended to back up the files and save important information to the cloud. If this is not possible, after cleaning you can use special utilities to recover deleted data.

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