How To Reset To Factory Settings On Android

Level of difficulty: The Android mobile operating system can be not only a convenient tool for performing everyday tasks using a smartphone, but also a very capricious burden with suspensions, errors and problems. One of the cardinal and sure ways to solve problems with a "tired" system is to completely reset the Android smartphone to the factory settings. The need for this event may arise if it is necessary to sell the device in the secondary market.

So, you finally decided that it was time to reset the settings to factory settings, because when you buy the smartphone “flew”, and now there are noticeable delays when opening menu items or launching applications. There are several ways to perform a reset.

Important! Before performing a general reset, be sure to save all the data stored in the smartphone’s memory: photos, contacts, SMS messages, notes. Resetting to factory settings completely erases the information stored in the device’s memory.

Method 1: reset to factory settings via the menu

The easiest option to return the Android smartphone to its pre-sale state is to reset it to the factory settings from the corresponding menu item. This option is relevant for devices that do not experience critical problems with moving through the system menu items.

1. Open "Menu" – "Settings" and select "Restore and reset".

2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on “Reset settings” (the name of this item on different smartphones may look different: “Reset phone settings”, “General reset”, “Erase all data”, etc.).

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The system will warn that during the reset all personal information, settings, applications and data will be deleted.

3. Confirm the operation to reset the settings by selecting “Erase everything”.

Method 2: reset using hardware keys

Depending on the current state of the device, it may be necessary to perform a general reset using the hardware keys of the smartphone. If your device hangs tightly on the logo when loading, or immediately after loading the system, problems begin with moving through the menu items, endlessly pop-up errors and a complete failure in the adequate operation of the capacitive screen, this reset option is what you need.

1. Hold down the power key and hold it until the smartphone turns off completely.

2. Switch to Recovery mode while holding down two (rarely three) specific keys. Depending on the manufacturer of the smartphone, the key combination required to enter Recovery mode may vary.

Asus, Acer

  • Volume Down Key Power Button


  • Volume up key Volume down key Power key.
  • Press and hold the power key until vibration appears. Press the volume up key several times.
  • Volume up key Power key.


  • Volume down key power key. Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Hold down the volume key in the middle of the power key. Hold for 10 seconds. After the logo appears, release the power key (hold the volume key). After the “robot with gears” picture appears, move your finger from the center of the volume key to the volume up button. Release the key after the green bar of the download status appears.
  • How To Reset To Factory Settings On Android

Volume down key Power key. After the logo appears, release both keys for 1 second and then hold them again. Hold until you enter Recovery mode.

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  • Home key volume up key power key.
  • Volume down key power key.
  • Volume up key Power key.
  • Connect the device to the network and wait until the green power indicator lights up. Find the hole with the recessed Reset button and use a paper clip to click on it. As soon as the screen lights up, hold down the power key for a few seconds. Release the power key and press the volume up key several times.


  • Volume up key Power key.
  • Volume down key power key.

Meizu, Xiaomi

  • Volume up key Power key. Release the power key immediately after the logo appears, while continuing to hold down the volume up key.

3. Wait until the Recovery menu appears.

4. In case the Recovery menu does not respond to touch of fingers, use the volume up / down keys (up / down, respectively) to move through the items. To confirm a particular menu item, press the power key once.

5. To reset the smartphone to the factory settings, select Wipe data / factory reset.

6. In the menu that opens, accept the deletion of data by pressing the power key again.

7. At this point, the deletion of all data from the smartphone and its reset to the factory settings will begin. After the reset is completed, select the Reboot System item (reboot the device).

As soon as the smartphone restarts, you will receive a completely “clean” device with factory settings and without personal data.

Method 3: reset using a digital combination

Another option to simply reset to factory settings is to use digital combinations.

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1. Open the Phone app.

2. Enter one of the code options:

If necessary, press the call key.

3. The smartphone will reboot, and then the reset process will begin.

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