How To Reset Windows 8 And 8 On Your Own

Resetting to Windows is a necessary and useful procedure. It is carried out in case of a failure of the system software, incorrect installation of programs, loss of performance and “clogging” of the system with unnecessary applications. In addition, resetting Windows 8 to the factory settings is necessary when preparing a PC for sale. Roll back the system and reset Windows 8 to the factory settings, the same thing.

The recommendations in this article apply equally to both versions of Windows 8. And most importantly, they do not require searching for disks or serial codes.

How to roll back windows 8 system by changing device settings

It is important to understand that resetting is different from reinstalling. In the first case, you do not need to look for the product serial number and reinstall the drivers. The purpose of returning to the initial state is to correct the problems encountered in the operation of the PC. The advantage of the Windows 8 operating system is a special function that allows you to reset all settings in the shortest possible time. According to the developers, carrying out this procedure will take 2 minutes from an experienced user. The algorithm includes a number of simple steps.

To get started, point your mouse to the right corner of the screen. This activates the popup panel. The first step will be similar, and when you want to reset the settings on Windows 8.1. In the list below, select the item called "Options." Next, click "Change Settings." Next, go to the "Update and Restore" section and select the last action.

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Tip: For Windows 8, the “General” item is needed in the parameter list, and for “8.1 and update and recovery”.

  • Recovery without deleting files
  • Deleting data and reinstalling the system

Choosing the 2nd item will be followed by reinstalling the system. This allows you to reset the computer to its original state. At the same time, if the hard drive includes several partitions at once, then you can leave the local drives intact. They decided to save important files.

In the next step, the system may require you to insert the installation disc. After doing this, follow the instructions below. They do not require further explanation. A similar algorithm will help you reset the tablet to factory settings. But it applies only to devices based on the 8th version of Windows.

Note: If the developers preinstalled Windows 8 on the device, which the user subsequently upgraded to version 8.1, then after resetting the settings, the original version will exit. Therefore, you need to re-update.

How to return to the factory settings of Windows 8, if you can not start the system?

The computer can really be returned to the factory settings even if it is impossible to launch the system itself. The main thing is that the hard drive works.

This procedure requires pressing a special key combination. The right combination of buttons is set by the computer manufacturer. Resetting the tablet to the factory settings follows a similar algorithm. You can find the necessary information either in the instructions that came with your tablet or computer, or on the network.

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For example, to restore the initial settings on an Acer laptop, the following algorithm is useful.

  1. Turn on the laptop.
  2. Hold the Alt button while pressing the F10 key once in 0.5 s.
  3. Enter the requested password. If you did not restore the original settings on your PC, try entering “000000”.
  4. Select “Factory reset” from the menu that appears.

How to use recovery points or roll back a day ago?

Restoring the factory settings on Windows 8 will also help restore points. And although they are not created with every change, such points are still an effective tool for correcting errors and eliminating problems in the operation of the device.

System Restore via the restore point is a function that undoes the latest changes and, accordingly, helps reset Windows 8.1 to the factory settings. It is used both when working with programs, and when canceling updates. The operating system creates default recovery points. This happens when changes are made. In particular, the installation of a new program is considered a major system event. But in some cases, this process is carried out manually.

The main advantage of this method is the ability to return system parameters to a position at a specific point in time.

You can find the desired restore point using the Control Panel.

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