How To Restore Factory Settings On Android

One way or another, any Android device user is faced with the need to restore factory settings. Sometimes the reason for this is glitches and the slow operation of the device, and sometimes restoring factory settings is just preparing the gadget for sale. In this article we will talk about how to restore the factory settings on Android.

First, a little theory. Factory settings are the state in which the smartphone was released from the factory. You need to understand that returning to the factory settings will completely delete all user files, applications, photos, videos and contacts from the device’s memory. Only what is stored on the memory card is saved, while the internal memory of the device will be completely erased. Therefore, before starting this procedure, you must necessarily copy all the data important to you.

How to restore factory settings on Android through the device interface

The easiest way to restore the factory settings on Android is to use the "Reset Data" function, which can be found in the settings. If you have a device with a clean Android (without additional launchers), then you need to open the settings and go to the "Restore and Reset" section. On devices with non-standard launchers, this settings section may be called differently. For example, if you have a smartphone from Samsung, then you need to open the “Backup and Reset” section, which is located on the “Accounts” tab (see screenshot).

After you have opened the "Recovery and Reset" section, you need to go to the "Reset Data" section.

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After that, a screen appears warning you that a complete data reset will delete all information from the device’s memory. In order to return to the factory settings, here you need to click on the "Reset device" button.

After that, the device will go to reboot, and after the next power-up, Android will return to the state it was in when it was first turned on.

It should be noted that this instruction is for modern versions of the Android operating system. If Android is installed on your device with a version lower than 2.1, then in order to return to the factory settings you need to open the "Privacy" section, and then go to the "Reset data" subsection.

How to restore factory settings on Android

In addition, you can restore the factory settings on Android using the recovery mode (or the so-called Recovery mode). This method of restoring factory settings will be useful if your phone does not turn on.

Depending on the model of your Android device, the recovery mode opens in different ways. But, on most devices, for this you need to perform the following manipulations:

  1. Turn off your Android device completely;
  2. Press the volume up key;
  3. Without releasing the volume up key, press the Home key;
  4. Without releasing the Home key and volume, press the device’s power key;
  5. Without releasing the keys, wait until recovery mode starts;
  6. Open the menu item that is responsible for restoring factory settings;

After that, you just need to wait until the device restores the factory settings and reboots.

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