How To Save And Restore Sms On Android

Program for saving and restoring sms-ok on Android!

Despite the fact that the operating system is very flexible in configuring and fine-tuning it for itself, but it does not have a built-in and very useful option, it is impossible by standard means save sms on android devices! And then how to save SMS? Let’s look at the site which is very useful for our “arsenal” of Android applications – Sms backup&Restore.

It can be very necessary to save SMS messages, for example, some important SMS, either before updating the firmware, before flashing (those who know will understand what it is about …), or another case. Just in saving messages the program will come to the rescue Sms backup&Restore. It is in Russian, does not require root rights, easy to use, and for all that – free!

To save SMS, I will show an example and some features of the Sms Backup application&Restore

How to save SMS on android and then restore them?

Here is the main menu and quick on the items:

  1. Saving SMS messages
  2. Restore from copy
  3. View saved copies
  4. Search for copies on the device
  5. Delete saved SMS
  6. Delete individual messages
  7. Donation or thanks button to the author of the application

As you can see – everything is simple!

So, we save sms:

  1. Click on the “Make backup” button and specify additional save options, if necessary (I left everything as it is)
  2. After clicking on “OK”, a progress bar will appear on the progress of saving
  3. At the end of the process, we will see – information about the completed backup.
  4. When we click on the “Close” button, a window appears warning that the application advises saving the backup to an external memory card, since with a complete reset all data from the device’s internal memory can be deleted and, accordingly, your copy is SMS-ok! Click OK
  5. Done! SMS are all saved to the memory card.
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You can also view existing copies

By clicking on any backup you can view all the messages, fortunately – there is support for the Cyrillic alphabet – all messages in Russian will be normally read! From the screenshot it is clear that in front of each number there is a number – this is the sum of all SMS from a particular subscriber!

And so the program settings look, but I did not change anything in them.

That’s all, I hope it was clear to you, but if you have questions – ask, – I will be happy to answer!

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