How To Upgrade Iphone 4 To Ios 8 Tips, Tricks, Instructions

Timely installation of new software for any gadget can save its owner from most crashes, errors and malfunctions. But in some cases, this procedure only harms. Today we have to figure out how to update "Iphone 4" to iOS 8. Next, we will talk about all the features and nuances of the procedure. Should I even think about downloading it for iPhone 4? How good "eight" works with this phone?

Relevance of the update

The first step is to figure out whether to update "Iphone 4" before iOS 8. The question is very difficult. A definite answer to it will not work.

The fact is that "apple" The 4th version smartphone supports loading and working with iOS 8. At the same time, the mentioned iPhone has far from the most powerful characteristics. therefore "eight" It’s slower on the device than I would like. There are delays of a few seconds.

Software Update Ways

Accordingly, everyone can try to bring the idea to life. How to update "Iphone 4" before iOS 8? In total there are several scenarios.

More precisely, the process of initializing a new operating system may proceed:

  • through a computer (using iTunes);
  • from a mobile phone (via "Wi-Fi")

How to act? The owner of the mobile device can choose the method of updating the OS on their own. There is no significant difference between these options. But each approach has features.

Working with pc

Let’s start with the fastest and most reliable way. It’s about working with iTunes. This program is known to all product owners from "Apple". It is extremely understandable, working with it is as easy as shelling pears.

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How to update "Iphone 4" Before iOS 8.1 via computer? The action algorithm is reduced to the following steps:

  1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. It is advisable to download the program from the official Apple website.
  2. Run the corresponding application.
  3. Use a USB cable to connect "Iphone 4" to the computer. The mobile device should be turned on at this point.
  4. Wait for PC and iPhone to sync through "IT Tunes".
  5. How To Upgrade Iphone 4 To Ios 8 Tips, Tricks, Instructions
  6. In the left menu of the program, select the line indicating the connected smartphone.
  7. Find the item in the field that appears on the right side "Update iPhone. ". Click on the corresponding inscription. Wait.
  8. Click on "Download and update". This message will appear on the screen when it detects updates to the operating system.

Quick, easy, convenient. How to update "Iphone 4" to iOS 8 if there are no updates? In this case, you will have to change the firmware and independently find and download the software necessary for initialization on the mobile phone. In practice, this need is extremely rare.

Wi-Fi Actions

There is another solution to the problem. How to update "Iphone 4" to iOS 8 via phone? For this, as already noted, you will have to use Wi-Fi. The lack of wireless Internet in the zone of reach imposes a taboo on the implementation of such a technique.

To manually update the operating system on iPhone 4, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Turn on your cell phone. Need to wait.
  2. Connect iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  3. Go to section "Settings" in a mobile device.
  4. Open tab "Main". "Software Update".
  5. Click on button "Download and Install".
  6. Wait. The download of the operating system installation wizard starts.
  7. Press the button "Install" on a smartphone. Next, the owner of the device will have to accept the license agreement. This is a required process.
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Now it’s clear how to use "Wi-Fi" to update software on a smartphone. What other information may be useful to each owner "apple" gadgets?

Wi-Fi Update Features

It is important to pay special attention to working with a mobile phone by working with "Wi-Fi". This method is not suitable for iPhone without jailbreak. If the smartphone has this status, you will have to use iTunes to update the operating system.

Also, the user should worry in advance about the availability of sufficient battery power from the iPhone. Successfully downloading and installing iOS 8 will require about 50% of the battery. If the installation is interrupted by turning off the gadget, it will only be possible to resume it through "IT Tunes".

How to update "Iphone 4" before iOS 8? Using Wi-Fi is the easiest and fastest method, but it does not offer any guarantee of success. Initialization may fail.

Downloading the installation file on the smartphone will begin immediately after clicking on the button "Download". The volume of the operating system is about 1,024 megabytes, so the procedure can be delayed. You need to be patient.


We have learned how to update "Iphone 4" before iOS 8. In fact, this operation does not have any features. The update process is no different from initializing a new operating system on any other "apple" gadget. For 100% success, it is recommended to give preference to work with iTunes.

The most important issue related to the topic studied is the decision on the need to install a new operating system on the iPhone 4. All owners of this smartphone should take into account the advantages and disadvantages of the planned operation. Only then can a person make the right decision.

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Updating an iPhone typically ends with restoring a backup of data from iCloud or iTunes. They must be done in advance. Otherwise, the new operating system will be "clean".

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