The last few years, Apple was the only company that did not include fast chargers in the package of delivery of its expensive flagship smartphones. Despite the fact that the capacity of the iPhone’s batteries was gradually growing, the manufacturer supplied smartphones with 5-watt charging, which takes about three hours to fully recharge the smartphone’s energy.

IPhone 11 Pro charges twice as fast as last year

This year, the situation has finally changed, and the smartphones of the iPhone 11 Pro series received a complete quick charge, which replenishes more than 50% of the battery energy in just 30 minutes. We are talking about an 18-watt wired charge, which has a USB Type-C connector, but standard Lightning is used to connect to the iPhone.

On the Internet, the results of testing the charging of the new iPhone 11 Pro were published. It turned out that in 30 minutes the battery was charged up to 55%, and the full cycle took 1 hour 42 minutes. As with many modern smartphones, the process of charging the iPhone 11 Pro in the final stage is somewhat slower, and it takes about 10 minutes to load the last percent. Next, you can see a comparative graph of the charging speed of the iPhone 11 Pro, some other Apple devices and popular Android smartphones.

IPhone 11 Pro charges twice as fast as last year

Despite the fact that the iPhone 11 Pro is definitely not the fastest charging smartphone on the market, its performance has grown significantly compared to its predecessors. Now iPhone owners will be able to restore a significant amount of energy in just 15-30 minutes, which will allow the device to function longer.

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