Iphone Not Picking Up Or Why It’S Impossible To Answer The Call

Actually, we’ll talk today about what to do when “swipe on the screen” doesn’t work to answer an iPhone call. And also find out why in general absolutely any user of a mobile phone from Apple is faced with this? Let’s go!

So, the most common and common situation: you receive an incoming call, you take the phone out of your pocket and to answer you need to hold on the screen. You perform this action with a habitual gesture and. Nothing happens. The slider does not move, the phone continues to ring, and as a result. call is missed. And the most interesting and unusual thing is that with everyday use (playing games, listening to music, etc.) everything is ok. the display works as it should!

Why it happens? There may be a lot of reasons, and finding out which one is 100% true is hard, choose:

  • The problem may be in static electricity. Did you pay attention to the fact that most often the call answering slider does not move at the moment when the phone gets out of your pocket? Exactly.
  • The conflict in the firmware and Apple at one time recognized this. “Glitch” occurs when the device checks the caller’s number with a notebook during an incoming call.
  • Some tweaks (programs installed via jailbreak), especially those related to the phone book, adding various identifiers, non-native blacklists, etc. very much can cause a similar problem.
  • Perhaps the problem is in the sensor, which is responsible for turning off the screen at the moment when you bring it to your ear.
  • The touchscreen itself may also work incorrectly, for example, not to process clicks in the exact area where you need to receive an incoming call.
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How to fix the problem of the impossibility of answering a call due to the fact that the sensor simply does not work? Naturally, the decision depends on the reason for this behavior. We list all the options:

  1. During a call, sweep the palm of your hand across the entire display several times. Please note that you need to carry out not only on the screen, but also on the entire front part (in particular, proximity sensors and light). In most cases, this will remove static electricity and you can “pick up the phone”.
  2. Press the power button once and then try to pick up the phone. By the way, this very method very often helps the author of these lines.
  3. Use covers and films (glass) on the screen. protect from static.
  4. It does not sound strange after the previous paragraph. DO NOT use glass and film on the screen. I had one person who also occasionally did not have a sensor on the iPhone. We decided to peel off the film with him and barely tear it from the display. more this material was not like a film, but a piece of adhesive tape (and construction). It is amazing how in this situation the screen generally reacted somehow. Under such and such protection!
  5. Remove jailbreak. How? Here is a detailed instruction.
  6. If the problem is firmware, then restore the software via iTunes and not use the backup phone book. Numbers to score manually.
  7. In case of "iron" problems. carry under warranty, unless of course you have one.
Iphone Not Picking Up Or Why It’S Impossible To Answer The Call

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Although, I really hope that it will not reach the last point (visiting the service center).

Indeed, in most cases, the inability to pick up the phone on the iPhone is a problem due to simple reasons. static, excessive gadget protection or bugs in the firmware. And to mean and solve it is quite simple. a couple of hand movements and that’s all, you can already say “hello”.

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