Lenovo A319 Phone Freezes On Screen Saver And Doesn'T Turn On

The Lenovo A319 is one of the best options for budget gadget lovers. The manufacturer has a good reputation, and the smartphone itself is quite inexpensive. Nevertheless, no matter how reliable the device may be, one day you may encounter problems of a technical nature.

Many people are concerned about the question: what should I do if the A319 does not turn on? And what if Lenovo a319 does not turn on and hangs on the screen saver? This problem faced many users of this gadget. Since it is very common, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main options for solving it.

Option number 1. Reboot

We are all used to the fact that if some technique does not work, then it needs to be rebooted. And it is not necessary to find out why it does not start or starts to turn on, but does not load to the end. There are a huge number of reasons for failures, and even experts can not always name the problem that you encountered in a particular case.

So if the Lenovo A319 does not load or freezes when it is turned on, the best and easiest way to resolve the issue is to reboot the phone.

Have you tried rebooting the device, but that did not help? Then repeat all five more times. It is not so easy to make the system boot normally, but multiple reboots in the vast majority of cases become successful.

You can also try simultaneously holding down the Home button, as well as the power and volume keys. Some Lenovo models, including the A 319, respond to such an effect and stop hanging.

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The main plus of these methods of solving the problem is the absence of any risk for the phone and the data stored on it. This is their main difference from the ways to return the phone to life, which we will consider further.

Option number 2. Hard reset

If an elementary reboot did not help, and still Lenovo a319 does not turn on or does not load beyond the splash screen, you need to resort to more radical measures. The best option is to reset all settings, or, in other words, Hard Reset the phone. To do this is quite simple – you just need to go into Recovery mode.

To make it easier for you to perform this procedure, we offer a simple algorithm:

  1. Turn off the phone by holding down the power key for 10-15 seconds.
  2. At the same time, hold down the power and volume down keys. You can do this with one hand, but we recommend using both. There were times when, through negligence, people dropped the device, trying to press both buttons with the fingers of one hand.
  3. We are waiting for the manufacturer’s logo to appear, and after a few seconds we get into Recovery mode.
  4. Using the volume down and volume up buttons, select “Wipe Data”. It means deleting all data and settings from the phone. Thus, whatever the software problem is, most likely you will fix it.
  5. The system will ask you again if you really agree to delete all data. Confirm the action and wait about a minute. Next, you agree to reboot the device and wait for the updated software to download.
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If all systems start up normally, and the phone functions the same as it worked before the problems arose, then congratulations – you have found a relatively simple and painless way to resolve the issue. If the phone still does not turn on, or the download does not go beyond the splash screen, it remains to resort to the third method.

Lenovo A319 Phone Freezes On Screen Saver And Doesn'T Turn On

Option number 3. Flashing

The third method is the most radical, but it is certainly worth using if the phone suddenly turns off, does not turn on, or freezes. We follow a simple logic – if the system cannot be restored, then it should be replaced. In the case of computers and laptops, we usually reinstall the operating system, and firmware change works for phones.

First, download the firmware to the computer, and then drop it onto the memory card installed in the phone. The firmware is downloaded by the archive, and you do not need to extract files from it. We throw on the card in this form.

Now go to Recovery in exactly the same way as in the previous case, that is, by clamping the power and volume buttons. If there are installation files on the memory card, the system will recognize them by offering you the following item: install zip from sdcard. Just it is needed, if the phone turns off and we need to change the firmware. We confirm the action, starting the file download.

Usually flashing takes a few minutes. Do not be alarmed if during the course of the phone the telephone disconnected – this is quite normal. It can reboot, and repeatedly. And this is not a cause for concern.

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After several reboots, the system will turn on, and most likely you will no longer see freezes and brakes. This means that the problem is a thing of the past, and now you know how to turn on the phone, which began to slow down or does not turn on.

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