Like A Vibe To Another Phone Number

Viber messenger has been loved by many users, primarily for its ease of use. Indeed, not only does the application have a clear and accessible interface, it’s also easy to install it. By the way, for this there is no need to create an account separately – the user’s phone number is his username. And it’s very convenient, agree.

Difficulties begin if it becomes necessary to change the phone number in this application. The fact is that if you change the number and, accordingly, the SIM card, Viber will continue to use your old number, that is, you need to re-register it to a new one. Actually, I’ll tell you more about how to change a phone number in a vibe.

Method one

There are not even one, but two whole ways to change the phone number in the Viber program. I will share with you information on each of them. So, the first option is as follows:

  1. Launch Viber on your mobile device.
  2. Now open the menu item "Settings", and there – "Privacy".
  3. Among the various items presented here, select “Disable Account” and confirm the deletion request. By the way, in the same menu you can block contacts that bother you with spam.

The advantage of this method is that everything is done quickly and simply, but there is also a minus: absolutely all of your data that concerns Viber will be deleted. These include personal correspondence, stickers (both paid and free). I also want to note that if your account has been activated not only, say, on a smartphone, but also on a tablet, then it will also turn off there.

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After you disable your account, run the application again, and it will already work with your new SIM card, synchronizing with its phone book.

Second way

As I already mentioned, there are several ways to change the phone number in Viber, so without further ado I introduce you to the second:

Like A Vibe To Another Phone Number
  1. Open the settings of your smartphone, and there – "Application Management".
  2. Next, select Viber – "Delete Data."

The advantage of this method is this: your old account will not be deleted, and if you want to return to your old number, you can always do this, in addition, the entire history of correspondence, as well as contacts, will be saved, so there is no need to create a backup . But, most likely, in the future you will not be able to avoid confusion, because if, for example, your friends write to you on the old number, you, of course, will not answer them.

In general, choosing, of course, for you, it all depends on whether you plan to ever return to the previous SIM card, and whether the old correspondence carries any value for you. If not, feel free to choose the first method, and start working with Viber, so to speak, from scratch!

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