List of all Xiaomi smartphones that will be updated to MIUI 11 firmware

List of all Xiaomi smartphones that will be updated to MIUI 11 firmware

Very soon, on September 24, 2019, the official and extremely long-awaited presentation of the MIUI 11 firmware will take place, the creation of which Xiaomi has been working for more than a year and a half. This software will bring along with it brand new branded mobile devices support for new modern features, a dark theme, a redesigned interface of many menus and standard applications, a redesign of a number of elements, new icons installed right out of the box, an advanced energy-saving mode, and a ton of others innovations. Owners of phones from Redmi, Poco and Black Shark will also be able to test these, because they are all part of one Chinese corporation, which owns them fully.

Even though there is still a whole week before the release of the new operating system, it is now known which of the branded mobile devices will be updated to it. There will be not too few of them, however, some models, due to outdated technical equipment, were left behind, that is, MIUI 11 will not officially release firmware for such devices. Owners of any phone models from Poco and Black Shark can take a deep breath, because absolutely every smartphone from these brands to the latest operating system will definitely be updated, and this will happen before the end of this year, if we talk about the final stable version of the new OS.

List of all Xiaomi smartphones that will be updated to MIUI 11 firmware

As for Xiaomi smartphones, the new firmware will be right out of the box installed on upcoming new products like Mi 9 Pro (5G) and Mi Mix 4 (5G), but the models now available will receive it as an update. So, in particular, the latest operating system will be released for smartphones Mi 9, Mi 9 EE, Mi 9 SE, Mi Mix 3 and CC9, Redmi K20 and K20 Pro, and this will happen in October. Then, in November-December, owners of the CC9e, Mi 8, Mi 8 EE, Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 SE, Mi 8 Lite, Mi Mix 2s, Mi Max 3, Mi Note 3, Mi 6, Mi models can count on an update. Play and Mi 6X, Redmi Note 8, Note 8 Pro, Note 7, Note 7 Pro, Note 5, Redmi 8, Redmi 7 and Redmi 8A. This is the end of the list of models for which MIUI 11 will be released before the end of 2020.

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List of all Xiaomi smartphones that will be updated to MIUI 11 firmware

Nevertheless, already in the first quarter of next year, such models as Mi Mix 2, Mi MIX, Mi Max 2, Redmi Note 6 Pro, Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi Note 5A, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi S2 will absolutely get the latest operating system , Mi 5X, Mi 5C and Mi 5s Plus. All these Xiaomi smartphones will receive MIUI 11 firmware, but you need to understand one extremely important point. It is not necessary that this software be based on the latest Android 10. It can also be based on Android 7 Nougat, Android 8 Oreo or Android 9 Pie. It all depends on the specific model, and until the release of the firmware in the final stable form, it is unlikely to be able to find out what OS the specific firmware for a particular mobile device is based on.

Earlier it became possible to download wallpapers from MIUI 11 firmware in high resolution for free.

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