Microsoft extends Windows 7 support for US election

Microsoft initially planned to discontinue support for the Windows 7 operating system on January 14, 2020.

It was planned that on this day Microsoft will release the latest update for the operating system, and then updates will stop coming out, including critical security updates.

However, Microsoft decided to extend the release period for Windows 7 security updates for the government. The fact is that the market share of this OS is still large and the US government is using it in every possible way in its systems.

Moreover, Windows 7 is installed on American voting machines. It is for them that security updates will be issued until the 2020 elections are held.

Microsoft extends Windows 7 support for US election

Windows 7 was launched on the market back in 2009. According to Microsoft in a statement, this is the Palm Pre smartphone’s year of release, Twitter has gained popularity, mobile navigation has just entered the market, and floppy disks are still sold in millions of copies.

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