Microsoft released Windows 10X

As promised the other day, the American corporation Microsoft today, on October 2, 2019, held a special major event in the United States, which became the largest for the entire company this year. Within the framework of such an audience, several new products were shown at once, and one of these was the Windows 10X operating system. This is the latest software, which, as its name implies, is an improved version of the usual tenth "Windows", while possessing a number of features. The latest software was designed with the aim of a new generation of tablets and laptops, which are equipped with two screens, and even three.

The Windows 10X operating system, in contrast to the original, is its simplified version, but only in order to make it seem simpler and more intuitive, because this, as you know, is extremely important. This software is primarily intended for various electronic devices equipped with a touch screen. The main difference between this "stripped down" operating system from the same Windows RT and Windows 10 S is that it can run not only universal UWP and PWA applications, but also classic Win32. Due to this, the new “Windows” is able to replace the old fully, available now to everyone.

Microsoft released Windows 10X

According to Microsoft, the new OS provides higher performance than regular Windows 10, that is, users of this can count on an increase in speed and performance of any tasks. The first device based on such a platform is Surface Neo, and it will be released in 2020. According to the developers of the new platform, it will be fully announced next year, and the release of the final stable version will take place at the end of next year. It is still unknown whether this platform is really a full replacement for the others that everyone was waiting for. These include Windows 11, Windows 12, and of course Lite OS, about which a lot of information of various kinds has appeared on the network in recent months.

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