Intel Corporation took advantage of yesterday’s debut of a new generation of Microsoft Surface devices to declare its readiness to supply them with its 10-nm mobile processors. For example, the third-generation Surface Laptop, due to the use of 10-nm Ice Lake processors, boasts support for the Wi-Fi 6 wireless interface, which is not available for similar AMD Ryzen-based products – in the latter case, everything is limited to Wi-Fi 5 support. Ice Lake-based laptops are equipped with LPDDR4X-3733 memory, while AMD Ryzen-based solutions are limited to DDR4-2400.

Image Source: Intel

However, Intel did not only offer Ice Lake processors to the new Microsoft Surface devices. The Surface Neo folding tablet, whose creators were inspired by the pier glass design, should use Lakefield’s 10nm processors, which for the first time will offer the Foveros multi-tiered space layout. It will allow you to place in the case with dimensions of no more than 12 × 12 × 1 mm not only the processor, the graphics core and elements of the system logic, but also memory of the type LPDDR4-4267. The motherboard for the Intel Lakefield processor, which Intel Executive Vice President Gregory Bryant demonstrated at the beginning of the year, looks very compact, and such a base is suitable for the Surface Neo folding tablet. It is a pity that this device will be launched into mass production by the end of next year.

Microsoft Surface Neo becomes the first production device based on Intel Lakefield

Image Source: Intel

The device of Intel Lakefield processors is also interesting in that it combines four economical Tremont cores with one productive core of the Sunny Cove generation. They will be placed in a silicon layer processed by 10-nm technology. The system logic, power subsystem and third-level cache memory of these processors will be placed in a separate layer, which will be processed using 22-nm technology. In this sense, Lakefield processors are considered 10-nm only conditionally, albeit fairly. Apparently, other products based on Lakefield processors will also appear next year.

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