Researchers from Finnish Aalto University, Cambridge University in the UK and the Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich conducted a large-scale online test among more than 37 thousand people from 160 countries. Their goal was to find out which typing method is the fastest.

The results of the study showed that those who print on a smartphone with one finger can average 29 words per minute. However, those who use two thumbs when typing are capable of typing already 38 words per minute. This is only 25% less in comparison with the leader of the experiment – typing on the physical keyboard of a laptop or desktop computer.

It is worth noting that some participants frankly surprised the researchers. One of them managed to print 85 words on a smartphone in one minute. For comparison, the average typing speed on a physical keyboard is 52 words.

During the test, it was also found that adolescents on average type most quickly on mobile gadgets – about 40 words per minute. People in their 40s gain 29 words per minute, and those in their 50s get 26 words. According to experts, this is due to the amount of time that the younger generation spends with smartphones. So, test participants on average use gadgets for 6 hours a day. Because of this, the speed of mobile printing increases, gradually reducing the gap with typing on physical keyboards.

The researchers also gave some tips on how to increase their typing speed on a mobile device. According to them, the use of AutoCorrect increased the speed by almost 9 words per minute, but the choice of phrases offered by the system slows down printing by 2 words per minute – this is due to the need to be distracted by the proposed options.

Researchers Named Fastest Typing Method

Everyone can check their typing speed on a smartphone using the same test.

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