Rules For Turning On And Off The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Bracelet

Given the whole list of updates and new features of the third version of the Xiaomi fitness bracelet, its popularity is quite obvious. An updated version of the tracker has got a touch screen and increased accuracy of all measurements. Not only the design has changed, but also the features of controlling the bracelet.

Work should begin by reading the basic instructions for use. In this article, we will discuss how to turn on the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet, the features of smart unlocking and turning it off.

The list of main reasons will help you figure out why the gadget does not turn on.

How does the tracker turn on

Note! It is only necessary to charge the fitness bracelet using the original charger. Use of fake cables or improper supply of electric current can damage the bracelet.

Taking the bracelet from the delivery, carefully remove the capsule from the strap and place it in the charging slot:

  • check the correct location and tightness of contact of the contacts of the charger with the capsule;
  • connect the cable to the USB port of the personal computer. If necessary, you can connect the cable to a special adapter (current must not exceed 1A);
  • track the presence of the backlight on the indicators of the tracker.

Do not use power adapters to avoid damage when supplying current to the device.

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It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the gadget. After that, the fitness bracelet will be already on and fully ready for synchronization with the smartphone.

Smart unlock

This feature allows you to facilitate access to the phone if the owner with the bracelet are close to him. To unlock, you need a tracker (previously connected to a smartphone), the configured Mi Fit application, a phone at a distance of 1 m and the included Bluetooth module.

Smart unlocking is a simple mechanism. If the user turns on the phone, then his system begins to scan the space around. If the Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet is found in the 1 m zone – the smartphone will automatically unlock, the user will have access to all personal data.

The nuances of such an unlock:

  • quick access to smartphone functions and all important files without entering a password / pattern;
  • constantly on Bluetooth module, which accelerates the discharge of the battery;
  • unauthorized people are able to easily access the functionality of the smartphone and important information in the memory if the owner and / or bracelet are next to each other.

The function can be configured or disabled using the official Mi Fit app. To configure, it is necessary that a password unlock is activated on the smartphone.

Rules For Turning On And Off The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Bracelet

This type of unlocking works great with Xiaomi brand smartphones. Other brands of devices only support this feature with Android 5.0 and later. In this case, there may be some nuances and errors in the work, depending on the specific model of the gadget.

Note! The Flyme shell based on the Android system (Meizu smartphones) most often causes failures when setting up smart unlock.

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How to turn off the device

Turning off the Mi Band 3 tracker yourself will not work. It is only possible to wait for the final discharge of the gadget (automatic shutdown). This option is the only correct and safe for the device, but requires a sufficiently large period of time (up to 18 days). Known on the network methods with freezing the gadget to turn off can cause technical problems and malfunctions in the system.

It is possible to speed up this process by constantly measuring physiological parameters and setting up notifications for as many applications as possible. The battery in this case will be discharged much faster compared to the standard mode.

Completely discharging the device and further disconnecting the wristband can lead to poor battery performance. The best option is to recharge the device as needed without final discharge.

Why it doesn’t turn on: troubleshooting common problems

This tracker does not have a special on / off button, so the reason for this phenomenon can only be determined empirically.

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