Rumor Netflix is ​​working on an animated series based on The Witcher

The premiere of The Witcher from Netflix is ​​getting closer, and the hype train around the new iteration of Geralt’s adventures from Rivia is racing faster. And it seems that fans of the work of Andrzej Sapkowski will get another reason for unbridled joy. According to rumors, the series with Henry Cavill is not the only thing that the streaming service is a stock for fans of Slavic fantasy.

According to the recapped blog, which has repeatedly delivered accurate insiders, Netflix is ​​currently working on an animated series based on the witch saga. In a post, it says that platform representatives are already picking voice actors for the lead roles. What exactly will be the storyline of the Animation adaptation is not yet clear, but it is reported that the story will affect both the main and a number of iconic minor characters of the book series. According to preliminary data, the premiere of the cartoon will take place between the first and second seasons of the "senior" show.

Rumor Netflix is ​​working on an animated series based on The Witcher

Believe the blog recapped or not – Everyone’s personal business. It happened that this resource supplied false data. However, at one time it was he who first reported that Henry Cavill and Ana Chalotra got the roles of Geralt and Yennifer, respectively. One way or another, we will learn the truth very soon – the first episode of the "live" television show will be released on Netflix at the end of this year. According to rumors, the premiere will take place on December 17. And there, and to the possible announcement of the animated series near.

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