Samsung Galaxy A80 with a PTZ camera tested for durability

In mid-April, Samsung introduced one of the most extraordinary smartphones in recent years. Model Galaxy A80 received a unique PTZ camera. The popular video blogger decided to check how durable and practical this solution turned out, and conducted crash tests on the smartphone.

JerryRigEverything is known for its objective tests – with the help of a special set of punch he checks the hardness of glass declared by the manufacturers on the Mohs scale. But in the case of the Galaxy A80, the reliability of the rotary module itself is of more interest.

The mechanism is designed in such a way that it can be put forward on its own with little effort, but the automation is triggered right away – and the camera calls back. The module refuses to close and open if the smartphone is lying on a flat surface – when you try to make a revolution, it emits a sound that resembles a floppy drive.

The camera itself is covered with hard glass and practically does not scratch. But the surface under the departing module is plastic and easily damaged in contrast to the back cover of the smartphone.

Samsung engineers have provided an additional degree of protection for such an extraordinary module. When the smartphone crashes, the camera rotates incredibly quickly from the selfie mode and slowly closes to minimize damage.

Samsung Galaxy A80 with a PTZ camera tested for durability

The display of the model “out of the box” is covered with a protective film, which is scratched by a center punch at number three, which corresponds to the hardness of the plastic. But the display itself corresponds to a hardness index of 6 with serious scratches on the “seven”. But even after the appearance of impressive scratches in the area where the fingerprint is scanned by the scanner built-in under the display, it continues to work properly.

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The side frame of the Galaxy A80 is made of aluminum. In the bending test, resting the thumbs on the display of the smartphone, the author of the video was still able to bend the device. But this did not affect the performance, and the Galaxy A80 screen was left without a single crack.

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