Setup in Windows 10 doubles the speed

From how fast the Windows 10 operating system works, it directly depends on how much you can perform any tasks with a computer, tablet or laptop on which it is installed for a certain period of time. Obviously, the more the better. If immediately after the installation of "Windows" it works very well, then, after that, real problems begin already because the performance decreases and stability decreases. This can happen due to many reasons, but sooner or later, as a rule, all users are faced with the fact that the tenth “Windows” does not work well. Usually problems appear a year after the start of its use.

The thing is that any programs and games installed on the operating system, as well as saved files, gradually clog it, and Windows 10 itself is not able to clean itself. Since the majority of owners of computers, all-in-ones, tablets and laptops do not know how to properly service an electronic device, real problems arise over a period of time, and it takes a lot of time and effort to solve them. It would seem that Microsoft could make the system of cleaning “Windows” from various kinds of garbage as efficient and simple as possible, but for some reason the company does not.

Setup in Windows 10 doubles the speed

As a result, users who gave as much as $ 200 for the tenth “Windows”, and so much is the cheapest version of Home, have to solve all sorts of problems due to their own time. Of course, there is nothing good in all of this, because this is a real problem, from which many people have difficulty learning, completing work tasks or just relaxing, because you can hardly enjoy using an electronic device if it constantly slows down or freezes during games, which greatly interferes with the entire gameplay. Fortunately, to the delight of users, Windows 10 has a setting that in some cases doubles the speed of work.

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In order to use it, you just need to open the "Start" menu, and then, after that, start the "Task Manager" application through the search. This is the section "Startup", which you want to open. As a result, the screen displays a list of applications that start automatically when Windows 10 is turned on. You need to disable all names that are not drivers, and then save the changes. All programs from this list not only increase the operating time of the operating system, but also constantly work in the background, thereby creating a load on the hardware and causing various malfunctions, as a rule, slowdowns and freezes. All changes will take effect immediately after a reboot.

Earlier it became known how to get a real license for Windows 10 Pro for just 300 rubles.

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