Starbucks Launches NFC Coffee Pen

The American Starbucks coffee shop chain has decided to please its visitors and announced that this month it will release a special pen for them with an NFC chip, which is tied to an electronic wallet. The accessory will allow you to pay for an invigorating drink in one easy motion.

The appearance of the device was clearly inspired by coffee machines, and its dark brown ink clearly reminds of coffee. The Starbucks Miracle Pen can be settled in any institution that works with the FeliCa system. The compact gadget, available in white, black and silver colors, will not need recharging.

The Starbucks Touch Contactless Pen: Pen will go on sale in Japan on September 25 and will cost you 4,000 yen, which equals about 2,360 rubles or 37 dollars. The device comes with 1,000 yen (600 rubles) in a digital wallet. The date of the appearance of the original accessory in other regions is not specified.

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