Due to the inability to install Google applications on smartphones, Huawei decided to cancel the release of the flagship series Huawei Mate 30 in Central Europe. This was announced by the Dutch profile resource LetsGoDigital with reference to two sources at once, including one insider from Huawei.

According to the source, Huawei realized that the release of flagship smartphones in Europe without installed Google applications would be pointless. We are talking about the entire line, including the Lite and Pro models. LetsGoDigital noted that there is little chance of exit in some European countries, but these will be separate exceptions.

As previously reported, since the fall of Huawei will have to release new smartphones already without Google applications. Without them, the flagship smartphones Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, as well as the emerging Mate X will already come out.

The European release of the flagship Huawei Mate 30 canceled due to US sanctions

They will still get Android installed, but it will be the open source version that they use to create various modifications.

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