It took TSMC lawyers a little over a month to prepare a response to GlobalFoundries. At the end of August, we note that GlobalFoundries filed lawsuits against the TSMC in the courts of the United States and Germany accusing the Taiwanese contractor of violating 16 patents of the chip manufacturer and demanded to stop the production of semiconductors with the norms of 28, 16, 12, 10 and 7 nm, as well as compensate for the associated losses. TSMC lawyers have promised to protect the company and its customers from GlobalFoundries charges and retaliated on September 30.

TSMC accuses GlobalFoundries of infringing 25 patents and demands to stop production

A recent TSMC press release stated that the courts in the U.S., Germany and Singapore – wherever GlobalFoundries’ plants are located – are seeking to stop the production of chips and compensate for the unauthorized benefits of an Arab-American manufacturer obtained in violation of 25 patents of a Taiwanese company. It’s funny that AMD got the second time. First time as a TSMC client, and now as a GlobalFoundries client. Despite the intention to transfer all product lines to TSMC facilities, the Reds still use GlobalFoundries.

All 25 TSMC patents allegedly infringed by GlobalFoundries cover technology processes at 40, 28, 22, 14 and 12 nm and relate to the nuances of transistor manufacturing, including FinFET, and etching processes. Note that the claimed technological processes were really developed by the engineers of a Taiwanese manufacturer, while the 65-nm TSMC technological process created the technological processes as part of the European association Crolles Alliance, and then Crolles Alliance 2. than 10 years ago, a significant part of TSMC shares belonged to Philips and the choice of a development center was obvious .

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As for the GlobalFoundries patents, for the violation of which she accuses TSMC, this is the legacy of IBM, which, by the way, remains largely a dead weight, as GlobalFoundries abandoned the race for the process and stopped on the production of 12-nm solutions. In fact, the theorist opposed the practice. And something tells us that in GlobalFoundries not very strong position. This is more like an act of despair in an attempt to score points in accessing a securities exchange with public capital.

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