Waymo, a company specializing in the development of autonomous driving technologies, launched its first commercial project in Phoenix at the end of 2018, calling it Waymo One. The name implies that Waymo Two and Three projects will be launched in the future, that is, the company hopes that in the near future its technologies will be implemented in more cars.

Waymo and American Motor Vehicle Association to tackle self-driving fears

But there is one problem: according to the American Association of Motorists (AAA), 71% of respondents have some fear of riding a self-driving car. This number contrasts with alarming statistics: 37,000 people die each year in car accidents in the United States alone, and 94% of traffic incidents are caused by driver error.

Waymo revealed on Monday that it intends to work with AAA offices in Northern California, Nevada and Utah, as well as several other organizations, to conduct an educational campaign to eradicate disorientation and fears about autonomous vehicles.

Waymo and American Motor Vehicle Association to tackle self-driving fears

A project called Let’s Talk Self-Driving, as Waymo explained, “aims to educate people about how self-driving technology can save lives and make roads more inclusive, increasing autonomy and creating new mobility options for everyone".

AAA Regional Vice President Ignacio Garcia said in an interview with Business Insider that the partnership will not only explain the benefits of autonomous vehicles, but also seek to eradicate the lack of transparency of the status of autonomous technologies, and inform the public about their limitations.

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