What Is The Difference Between The Original Xiaomi Mi Band 3 From A Fake

Xiaomi constantly pleases us with its new products and cool devices. Bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – not an exception. It not only shows the time, but also helps to monitor the pulse, energy spent, steps taken.

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Such a bracelet is most often chosen by people who monitor their health. Some get it for fun.

For the first category of people, you must definitely purchase an original device. It will cost about 2000 rubles including delivery.

For those to whom the bracelet is just a complement to the everyday look, you can also get a copy. It copes well with its functions, and costs five times cheaper.

Comparison of the original bracelet and copy

Why is a fake bracelet not suitable for monitoring your health? Let’s compare the copy and original of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet. Then everything will immediately become clear.

The case of fake watches a little more original ones.

In favor of a fake, it is worth noting that all data on the screen is displayed in size larger than in the original.

Yes, and on the Internet there are many offers in the form of straps of different colors for this bracelet. Precisely fakes.

But the inflexible strap does not provide full fit devices to the hand. If the hand is full, then it’s okay, but there will be a huge gap on the thin wrist. As a result, the results of the indicators vary significantly in the fake and original bracelet.

Smartphone Connection

What Is The Difference Between The Original Xiaomi Mi Band 3 From A Fake

Both devices can synchronize with a smartphone. But the applications used for this purpose will be different.

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Original Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will connect via Mifit. By the way, other Xiaomi sports gadgets are easily connected to it.

You need a program for a copy Yoho sport. At first she was completely in English. The released update made the program language Russian.

The menu of the MiFit program is more conveniently thought out than in Yoho. The latter, by the way, does not yet have a battery charge sensor.

But there is one cool feature “Shake for a selfie”. If you shake the bracelet, then the Yoho Sport application launches the smartphone’s camera and takes a picture.

In general, both bracelets can exist. True, they can be used for different purposes. Choose what is closer to you.

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