Design is a rather specific and highly subjective thing. Something that one does not like can cause wild delight among others. But when Apple introduced the new iPhone 11, some for some reason decided that the performance of the new camera looks ugly, which means that no one will be guaranteed to like it. That’s just it turned out quite the opposite. In any case, a fair portion of our readers agreed that the appearance of new products is not only not bad, but even attractive.

What readers think about the camera design of the new iPhone

Triple camera iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

To find out the preferences of users, we conducted a survey among the participants of our Telegram chat, inviting them to express their attitude to the camera performance of the new iPhone. Despite the fact that some of the answer options were comic, this did not prevent the formation of a very clear position for the majority, which resulted in the fact that users rather like the triple camera module on a square substrate than not.

IPhone 11 Pro Triple Camera

Definitely, 28% of respondents spoke for such a camera performance. According to some of them, three cameras located on a small platform in the upper part of the rear panel look better than if the designers decided to arrange all the elements in a row. So it takes up less space than it could, Apple decided to place the camera vertically by analogy with the iPhone X. And the chess arrangement is not only functional, but also fresh. In the end, now no Android user will blame the iPhone for the lack of cameras.

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Another 17% of respondents honestly admitted that they care little about the location and design of the cameras, because they rarely look at their smartphone from behind. For them, first of all, functionality is important. And if the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max do their job perfectly, then there can be no complaints about them. Representatives of this category of respondents suggest that a triple camera on a square pedestal be considered as necessary as a notch in the screen under Face ID, and not just a design move.

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Definitely against the triple camera were neither more nor less than 27% of the survey participants. As one of them accurately noted, such a camera design deprived the iPhone of its usual minimalism. Looking at them, it begins to seem that the iPhone is a passing smartphone, on the design of which they almost did not bother. Similar design solutions are mainly used by Chinese manufacturers, while on the market there are more successful examples of the location of three or even four cameras. Therefore, the full impression is that Apple did not even try to make the cameras less noticeable, but as if deliberately highlighted them, making it clear that it is also in trend.

How to distinguish a new iPhone

Personally, I rather dislike the camera performance of the new iPhone. In my opinion, the identity of Apple’s flagship devices, which began to look like everyone else, has suffered because of it. Well, try closing the apple logo and thinking what they remind you of. Huawei? Motorola? Asus? If you do not take the smartphone in your hands and do not try to see the familiar features in it, it will be really difficult to decide on the brand. Can this be considered a big problem? I do not know. But before, the problems with identifying new iPhones simply did not exist.

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